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Author: 27crazystaci04
Created: November 11, 2005
Taken: 1,376 times
Rated: PG

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129 Myspace Questions!

Created by 27crazystaci04 and taken 1376 times on Bzoink
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What is your current Myspace name?
How often do you check your Myspace?
How did you hear about Myspace?
Do you have your email address saved at the login page?
Do you have multiple email addresses for multiple myspaces?
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend on myspace?
Are you addicted to myspace?
Do you keep your blogs updated?
Do you even know what a blog is?
Do you change your blog page colors frequently?
Do you have music playing in your blog page? (if so, what?)
Do you like to read other people's blogs?
Do you comment on them?
Do you expect comments when you post your blog?
Do you check your blog views to see how many people care?
Do you ever say to yourself ::im going to put that in my blog::?
Do you make your life exciting just to type about it in your blog?
Do you ever spill your emotions through a blog?
Do you go emoticon crazy in your blog?
Do you ever set your blog to ::diary:: so only you can see it?
Do you type really long blogs sometimes?
Are you mad when you don't get to type your blog?
Does it make you angry when someone comments about THEIR day not YOUR blog?
How many friends do you have?
Have you met ALL of them?
Have you edited your top 8?
Who is in your top 8?
Do you add bands?
Do you add Tv stars or famous people?
Do you accept every friend request, even if its someone you hate?
Do you ever look at and add the ::cute interesting:: people you dont know?
Is Tom still your friend?
Are you in anyone's top 8?
Do you add anyone you think is cute, interesting, ect?
Who is the strangest person you have added?
Who comments the most?
Who comments the least?
Whose comments make no sense?
Who sends you messages a lot?
Who do you have blocked?
Do you comment on all of your friends Myspaces within a week?
What do you think about chain comments?
Do you comment on band pages with ::YOU ROCK::?
Have you ever commented just a little heart?
Do you get comments daily?
Do you like picture comments?
Do you get mad when you see you have new comments and it isn't anything?
Do you load up your comments with HTML?
d0o Y0u CoMmEnT LyK DiIs?
Your Myspace.
Do you make changes to your profile every week?
Do you change your music often?
What is playing in your Myspace now?
What is your background?
Do you have an online now icon? What is it?
Do you have the falling objects?
Do you have your Myspace page switched?
Do you have a lot of quizzes and surveys in your myspace?
Do you have pictures in your ::about me::?
Do you have mouseovers with the pictures and links?
Who would you like to meet?
When was your last login?
Do you urge your friends who don't have myspaces to get one?
What does your contact box look like?
Do you like the default myspace colors? (light blue, orange, white)
Has anyone ever copied something from your myspace?
What colors are your scrollbar? (think with arrows to scroll down)
Do you ever put ::married:: because your madly in love, but NOT married?
Do you ever put ::divorced:: because you broke up with someone you loved?
So, are you ::in a relationship::?
Do you post your screenname in your myspace?
Do you get a lot of comments on your pictures?
Do you have all 12 pictures posted?
Do you add captions like ::i'm so ugly:: even tho you're not?
Do have any mirror pictures?
Do you have any severely ::emo:: or ::gangsta:: pictures?
Do you have any pictures of your stomach?
Do you have any pictures of your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend?
Do you think it's :cool: to post a pic of you and someone kissing?
Do you find it hard to let go of a picture that has a lot of comments?
Do you comment on other people's pictures?
Do you expect comments on yours?
Do you post a new picture at least every week?
Do you have any .gif animations of yourself posted?
Do you add HTML to your picture page?
Do you add sad captions to black and white pictures?
Do you edit your pictures?
Do you constantly refresh your main page to see if anyone commented ur pix?
Any pictures on your myspace that are so old, they don't look like you?
Do you participate in chain bulletins?
Do you honestly believe you'll die if you don't ::repost::
Do you post bulletins when you change your myspace music?
Do you post bulletins when you make any adjustments to your myspace?
Do you post a bulletin when you have a new picture?
Do you post random bulletins like ::i like cheese::?
Do you post bulletins to count down to something?
Are you in a group?
About how many?
Do you ever post topics in a group?
Have you ever created a group?
Do you like groups?
How many profile views do you have?
Are any of your pictures in the ranking section? If so, whats the rank?
Do you have a link to you myspace in your AIM profile?
Do any of your family members have a myspace?
Are you in a band that is on myspace?
Do you know anyone in a band on myspace?
Do you like to browse bands on myspace?
Do you send messages to people more than you email people?
Do you ever instant message people on myspace?
Are you a moderator of any kind?
Do you participate in myspace forums?
Do you ever play the pacman game when Myspace is down?
Do you scream at your computer when there is an unexpected error?
Have you ever been to the myspace shop?
Have you ever said ::myspace is lame:: though it's your life?
Do you get annoyed by the ::add me:: bulletins?
Are you old enough to have a myspace?
Do you understand the terms & services?
How long have you had a myspace?
Going to post this somewhere on your myspace? In a blog? A bulletin?