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Author: midnightmelody37
Created: May 17, 2004
Taken: 590 times
Rated: G

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Career choices, this or that

Created by midnightmelody37 and taken 590 times on Bzoink
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Which would you rather be?
Doctor or dentist
Artist or singer
Musician or movie director
Painter or teacher
Firefighter or Computer Engineer
Mathmetician or scientist
Magician or daredevil
Baseball player or golfer
Song writer or author
Performer or director
College professor or school teacher
Biologist or nurse
School principal or college dean
Zookeeper or bird breeder
Bee keeper or ballet dancer
Waiter/waittress or secretary
Mechanical engineer or construction worker
Pilot or truck driver
Captain of a ship or train director
Author or journalist
TV reporter or radio DJ
Newspaper editor or gameshow host
Plumber or operator
Cook or fashion designer
Publisher or TV producer
Undertaker or judge
Lawyer or psychologist
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