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Author: balletbabe8899
Created: January 4, 2006
Taken: 1,502 times
Rated: PG

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Turn ons and off

Created by balletbabe8899 and taken 1502 times on Bzoink
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Dresses life a thug?
Dresses like a surfer?
Dresses like a prep?
Dresses in all black?
Is really skinny?
Is a really big guy?
Is shorter than you?
Is taller than you?
Has straight teeth?
Really white teeth?
Chapped lips?
Green eyes?
Blue eyes?
Brown eyes?
Smokes cigarettes?
When a guy is really romantic?
Wears Glasses?
Has brown hair?
Black hair?
Blonde hair?
Nice tan?
Smiles more than not?
Lets you know he was thinking about you?
Lets you know what hes thinking about?
Asks what you are thinking about?
Facial Hair?
Smokes pot?
Smells good?
Smiles when you walk into the room?
Blue hair?
Wears makeup?
Plays sports?
Bad boy?
Sweet talks to you?
Wants to hang out with ONLY you?
Really clingy
Nice arms?
Has a job?
Has dimples?
Can cook?
Calls/Texts just to say \
Wears girl\'s pants?