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Author: justthatamazing
Created: January 6, 2006
Taken: 74 times
Rated: G

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Created by justthatamazing and taken 74 times on Bzoink
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sweet. got those ones over with.
so how are you? you kay?
i suspect your pretty bored. am i wrong?
how did you find my amazing survey?
well. on with the survey we go.
are you hott?
i say that word alot.
are you just the coolest person placed on this planet?
what school do you go to?
do you like it?
i love my school.
do you like submairnes? they freak me out.
any wierd fears? like y'a know...freaky fears?
what kinda chair are you sitting on right now?
is it comfortable?
is the floor you are on comfortable?
if you said yes..your wierd. but thats okay. so am i.
do you like pink roses?
they smell good.
on the topic of smell...whats your fav smell?
what is your favorite weight-loss program?
do you like extra or access hollywood more?
howabout bambi? like him?
do you have a chandaleer in your foyer?
did i spell chandaleer right?
i'm horrible at spelling btw.
hope you don't mind.
do you like dumbo?
hes my 1 and only fav. disney character.
it gets slightly obsessive.
so hows your relationship w/ your family?
got lotsa friends?
do you like penguins?
do you like "i'm fat" penguins?
do you like the undergobble family of penguins?
they are hott.
do your computer speakers work well?
mine do okay. they get messed up once in a while.
whats one really random, interesting thing around your computer right now?
whos that "wierd" family in your neighborhood?
what makes them so wierd?
you okay?
you feeling fine?
'cause you can tell me...i've been thru lots.
serioussly. pour it all out!
ever had a one night stand?
with who?
heres another line just incase...
do you like stone or marble more?
do you like astonomy?
i do. alot.
if you could be 1 object of the universe what would it be?
i'd probaly be a nebula or a worm hole...maybe a black hole too.
any sports you into?
i'm in track.
its hott.
i'm hott.
how many trees are on your lawn? (don't cheat and go out and count!!!)
do you have myspace?
i do.
its really hott.
are you ghetto?
i am.
do you have any lists accumulating?
any pets?
are you pantless?
have you ever seen a purple violen?
ever played a purple violen?
do you have a crush on your teacher?
a crush on anyone else?
tell me...
do you find sitting or standing funner?
ever stepped on coral?
did it hurt?
ever notice how old presidents look after 4 yrs of being in office?
just look at bush?
btw- you like bush?
do you have dentures?
ever attempted to break a board...but that attempt failed?
did it hurt?
do you have a black belt?
i do.
its hott.
do you like paris hilton?
she says hott alot too.
do you have your own chair dance?
do you collect cards that you get for b-days, x-mas, graduation, etc?
do you like the more modern look or relaxed look for houses?
would you rather be served pizza on a black pan or a silver pan?
mapquest or gps?
my dad makes the software for mapquest & some gps's navteq. its hott.
whats your wpm?
does your printer run outta ink easily?
ever been skydiving?
ever jumped off a building?
ever been in the space needle?
i love seattle.
i grew up there.
amazing place.
you should go check it out sometime.
its b-e-a-utiful.
what color are your stairs?
howabout your locker at school?
is your locker messy?
ever been late to class b/c of your locker?
do you share lockers?
do you like lockers?
do you snort when you laugh?
fruity pebbles or trix?
spongebob or hey arnold?
how many people are on your buddy list?
have you ever been in a state of shock?
ever cried on tv outta happiness?
ever seen a newscaster mess up?
those are funny arn't they?
do you have a friend named clare?
w/o the i?
i do. shes hott.
howabout a friend named alicia?
w/ an i?
i do. shes hott too.
how tall is your x-mas tree?
when you run, do you always get flem in your mouth & have to spit?
howabout when you drink pop?
do you know where toga is?
howabout hong kong?
is it a city or country?
howabout wash. d.c. is it a state?
when was the civil war?
do you know alot of history stuff?
i do. thanks to my history teacher.
ever worn scubs?
do you like fog?
howabout frogs?
do you like the seattle super sonics?
new england patriots?
red sox?
seattle seahawks?
chicago wolves?
i love all of those.
do you have gas right now?
does your butt hurt from someone pulling your legs from under you?
mine does.
really bad. it hurts to walk. thank you very much.
did you know mountain dew kills sperm?
have you ever spilled wine on white carpet?
do you have a northface?
what color?
mines orange.
its the hottest one.
do little kids in big groups annoy you?
is eva longorio hott?
if yes..i'm 10 times hotter.
do you like duct tape?
its duct...not duck...
it used to be duck...until wwII
ever fallen on black ice?
in the middle of the road?
ever been a real life humpty dumpty?
ever had an encounter w/ a shark in the ocean?
ever been near an iceburg?
ever seen your house from outter space?
ever fallen thru a stage?
i've always thought that would be fun
ever ordered from netflix?
what does guanine bond with in dna duplication?
what does dna stand for?
ps- its my favorite word
its soo much fun to say.
ever had something fall on your head?
ever been on an island?
aol or yahoo?
what does a guy from philadephia donk his pretzel in?
do you watch conan obrian?
hes pretty hott too.
is there a monster in your closet?
ever farted in public?
or while on an exercise video?
blue or black ink?
ever had a secret admirier?
ever caught a secret admimier?
ever peed your bed withiin the last couple of years?
like things that turn your mouth a different color?
can you take me higher?
ever colored snow with sharpies?
it doesn't work
ever been kissed by a camel?
ever kissed a camel?
ever kissed carmel?
or caramel?
are you sad?
this survey is almost over!
tear tear i know
but i'll make more
so no worries.
you are the weakest link. goodbye.