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Author: bittersweetkiss
Created: January 7, 2006
Taken: 558 times
Rated: G

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This Or That

Created by bittersweetkiss and taken 558 times on Bzoink
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Pool or Hot Tub
Spring or Winter
Coffee or Tea
Donuts or Bagels
CDs or Tapes
Commercials or Infomercials
Ribbons or Bows
Pink or Red
Rap or Rock
Nap or Powernap
Pencils or Pens
Jeans or Shorts
Emo or Indie
Lollipop or Sucker
Ice Cream or Popsickle
Eyeshadow or Eyeliner
Stars of Moon
Salt or Pepper
Guitar or Bass
Apple or Orange
Coke or Pepsi
MTV or VH1
Your mom or My mom
Clean or Dirty
Sleep or Party
Beer or Whine
Cheese or Crackers
Silver or Gold
Soccer or Football
Right or Left hand
Middle or Index finger
Sneakers or Flipflops
Cough or Sneeze
Trip or Stumble
Outcast or Annoying
Fly or Bee
Rose or Daisy
Myspace or Xanga
Disney or Nickelodeon
Windows or Mac
Email or Postal Mail
Arms or Legs
Lips or Tounge
Truth or Dare
Car or Truck
Brunette or Blonde
Snow or Rain
Knife or Gun
Popcorn or Chips
Hard or Soft
Run or Walk
Sit or Stand
Family Guy or The Simpsons
Candyland or Monopoly
Shower or Bath
Grass or Cement
Bike or Skateboards
Sing or Dance
Draw or Trace
Die Drowning or Die Burning
Envy or Hate
Music or Silence
Love or Lust
No legs or No arms
Horse or Pony
Short or Long hair
Lemon or Lime
Milk or Cereal
Magazine or Book
Burp or Fart
Car or Airplane
Disneyland or Disneyword
Pretty or Beautiful
Marriage or Single
Half full or Half empty
Ghosts or Aliens
Breakfast or Lunch
Fingers or Toes
Innie or Outie Bellybutton
Laugh or Scream
Kiddie Rides or Rollar Coasters
Walmart or Kmart
711 or Stop-n-Go
Horror or Comedy
Pain or Pleasure
This or That
Flowers or Candy
Laguna Beach or OC
Italian or French
High School or College
Ice Cream or Cake
Sprinkles or Frosting
Wallet or Purse
Skirt or Jeans
Barbies or Regular Baby dolls
Sofa or Couch
Fridge or Cupboard
Neat or Messy
Challenging or Easy
Trees or Bushes
Public or Private
Marker or Crayons
Poptarts or Strudel
Scrunchie or Hair Tie
Snails or Slugs
Fast or Slow
Watching or Playing
Blue or Green Eyes
McDonalds or Burger King
Tears of Joy or Sadness
On or Off
Subway or Togos
Mountians or Beach
In or Out
Smile or Grin
House Phone or Cell Phone
Tan or Pale
Boxers or Briefs
Easy or Hard-to-Get
Ew or Ah
Hey or Hello
Mayo or Mustard
Water or Soda
Up or Down
Online or Offline
Hearts or Broken Hearts
Talking or Listening