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Author: hhjj
Created: June 10, 2004
Taken: 140 times
Rated: G

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Created by hhjj and taken 140 times on Bzoink
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Feet size:
have pets?
Age you act:
Where Do You Live:
Where you want to live:
How many older siblings:
Favorite Salad Dressing:
Ever gone skinny dipping?
What are you watching?
Last person you talked to:
Favorite movie:
Favorite Type of music:
Favorite Type of music:
Favorite types of cars:
Favorite Saying:
Favorite Fast Food:
Favorite Ice Cream:
Favorite Alcoholic Drink:
When Do You Go To Sleep:
Most Embarrassing Moment:
Stupidest Person you know:
Funniest Person you know:
Favorite holiday:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Song:
Favorite Television Show:
Favorite Radio Station:
Favorite junk food:
Favorite junk food:
Favorite Drink:
Favorite article of clothing:
Favorite Animal:
+||SECTION TWO: Have You Ever
Done Drugs:
Run Away From Home
Hit A Girl :
Stolen Anything:
Broken A Bone:
Cheated On A Test:
Cheated On A girlfriend/boyfriend:
Gotten Drunk:
Been With Two guys/girls At Once:
Been In The Hospital:
Let a friend cry on your shoulder:
Fell asleep in the shower/bath:
Gone to Church:
Never Slept During the Night:
Ever been on a motorcycle or motorbike:
Been to a camp:
Sat in a restaurant w/o ordering:
See anybody die:
Gone a week w/out TV:
Didn't wash your hair for a week:
Broken something valuable:
if yes what?
Streaked the streets:
Screamed at someone for no reason:
Said something you didn’t mean:
Been hurt by a guy/girl you loved:
Stayed up till 4 am on the phone:
Pulled a prank?
Made fun of someone?
+||SECTION FIVE:What is?
Your most prized possesion:
The Thing That Makes You The Happiest:
Your Favorite Food For Breakfast:
Your Favorite Food For Dinner:
Your Favorite Slow Song:
Would you rather love or be loved?
have you ever cried over anyone of the oposite sex?
do u have a "type" of person u always go after:
want someone u don't have right now?
are u lonely right now?
ever afraid u'll never get married?
do u want to get married
do u want kids?
room in house:
day of the week:
perfume or cologne:
+||In the last 48 hours have you..
bought something:
gotten sick:
hugged someone:
fought with your parents:
had a lot of sleep: