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Author: lobster-in-a-toga
Created: April 25, 2006
Taken: 166 times
Rated: G

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Random Randomness IV

Created by lobster-in-a-toga and taken 166 times on Bzoink
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Here's the fourth Random Randomness that I've made. Enjoy!
Have you ever seen a living chicken?
When driving down the road, do you stop to help turtles cross or go on?
Are you afraid to go to the doctor's office?
Have you ever seen one of your teachers outside of school?
Do you like Pringles?
Do you/did you do all of your homework every night?
What do you do on Halloween?
Have you ever worn a tie?
Are you a male or female?
Do you like wearing gloves?
What about wearing mittens?
When was the last time you cooked a whole meal?
Are you squeamish?
Have you ever won any awards?
What color are your socks?
Do you like getting massages?
Do you take a lot of medicine?
Are you scared of any people?
Have you ever fired a gun?
When was the last time you threw a featherduster at someone?
Do you enjoy torturing your friends in any way?
If so, please describe your methods :)
Do you prefer checkers or chess?
Have you ever played a full game of Monopoly?
Have you ever ambushed someone with a garden hose?
Are there any poisonous snakes where you live?
Have you ever had a poison ivy rash?
Do you use a lot of smileys in your typing?
Can you see a telephone from where you're sitting?
Do you use lotion?
Do you argue with inanimate objects?
Have you ever eaten an acorn?
Where do you store your clothes--in a drawer, closet, or everywhere?
Can you type fast?
When eating chocolate bunnies, which part do you bite first?
Do you honestly enjoy taking surveys?
Are you bored?
Do you like to draw on yourself with markers?
Do you like fingerpainting?
Have you done that after the age of five?