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Author: bemyescape
Created: May 28, 2006
Taken: 9,497 times
Rated: PG

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75 Dirty Little Secrets

Created by bemyescape and taken 9497 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever...
Glued your fingers together?
Kissed a friend?
Kissed a brother/sister's friend?
Cheated on a test?
Cheated on your homework?
Cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse?
Back-stabbed a friend?
Told people someone's deep, dark secret?
Looked up something on the Internet you shouldn't have?
Lied to your parents/a boss?
Lied to a friend?
Lied to a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse?
Lied to get money?
Lied to get out of doing something?
Lied to make yourself sound better?
Spread gossip?
Made up a false rumor to get back at someone?
Stolen money?
Stolen anything else?
Talked about a "friend" behind their back?
Talked about a family member behind their back?
Talked about an enemy behind their back?
Gotten in a big fight for no real reason?
Gotten in a big fight for a real reason?
Tried to draw attention to yourself for profit?
Tried to draw attention to someone's flaw?
Thought lustfully of someone?
Stalked somone?
Posted a celebrity's picture on a wall/locker/roof?
Had a mad celebrity crush on multiple celebs?
Felt lustfully/lovingly about someone you've only met online?
Been divorced?
Done something bad because it was bad?
Gotten your tongue stuck to anything?
Laughed at a joke that wasn't funny?
Let a friend harm themselves on purpose?
Hurt yourself physically (on purpose)?
Felt as if you were inferior to anyone?
Eaten something that wasn't yours?
Taken a crazy dare?
Taken any dare so you wouldn't be "chicken?"
Gone streaking?
Mooned/Flashed someone?
Caused someone major embarrasment?
Bullied someone?
Ruined someone's reputation on purpose?
Hurt someone's reputation to make yours better?
Lied to yourself to make you feel better?
Pushed someone into a pool?
Accidentally hurt someone and not felt sorry?
Got in a fight with someone and never made up?
Bitten someone?
Farted and blamed it on someone else?
Lied to the general public?
Copied someone's homework because you didn't do it?
Skipped school for fun?
Skipped school to get out of a test?
Skipped school because you forgot to do something?
Made up a wild story and told people it was true?
Told a little "white lie?"
Wished someone was dead?
Murdered someone?
Murdered someone inside your head?
Apologized, but didn't mean it?
Made yourself cry so people would feel sorry for you?
Yelled at someone in public?
Said something you wish you hadn't?
Lied about saying something you wish you hadn't?
Kissed someone the day you met them?
Wanted to kiss a stranger?
Gotten pregnant/gotten someone pregnant before marriage?
Drank/did drugs/smoked a cigarette?
Lied to protect someone who only wants to hurt you?
Point out someone's flaws to cover up your own?
And finally...
Did you lie on this quiz?