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Author: bballj4lyfe25
Created: July 5, 2006
Taken: 198 times
Rated: PG

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Background Interests

Created by bballj4lyfe25 and taken 198 times on Bzoink
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Who is your favorite music artist?
Who is your closest friend(s) & family?
Who was your favorite teacher in high school?
What colleges did you apply to? (If applicable)
What is your favorite clothing brand?
Who is your girlfriend / boyfriend?
Your Best Physical Feature
Who is your favorite NFL team?
Who is your favorite MLB team?
Who is your favorite NBA team?
Who is your idol?
Who is your hero?
How many different sports have you played?
Your political party
Do you like president George W. Bush?
High school
Elementary School
Graduate School
Friend(s) you have had the longest
GPA in high school
SAT Score (Out of 1600)
Number of things in the past you regret
How do you feel about gay marriage?
Favorite Book?
AIM screenname
Do you have a facebook?
Favorite Body Part of Opposite Sex
Cell Phone Service
What language other than English, do you know best?
Strongest personality feature
Least favorite subject in school
Least favorite teacher in high school
Have you ever left the country?
Shoe Size
Talk to any of your ex's?
Type of car you own
Favorite Movie
Favorite Television show
Are you spoiled?
Have any enemies?
Have you ever been beaten up?
Are you a virgin?