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Author: xsoulvelocityx
Created: July 5, 2006
Taken: 4,062 times
Rated: PG

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Created by xsoulvelocityx and taken 4062 times on Bzoink
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you and your attractiveness.
favorite feature?
what's your most compimented feature?
do you think you are attractive?
have you been called attractive by others?
what makeup do you use? is it expensive?
would you ever consider plastic surgery?
on a scale of 1-10, how comfortable are you with your body?
are you what others would describe as thin?
has anyone ever commented on your weight?
how tall are you, & do you like your height?
do you ever feel pressure to lose/gain weight?
how would you describe your style?
have other people commented on your clothing?
what trend do you absolutely detest?
what's "trendy" in your area right now?
what's your favorite item of clothing you own?
you and your friends
who are your best friends?
do you trust them easily?
do you feel you can depend on them during hard times?
have you ever lost friends?
if so, was it for the better?
has jealousy ever been an issue?
what are some other issues that destroyed friendships?
has anyone ever talked about you behind your back?
if there's anything you could say to an ex-friend, what would it be?
is it harder to be friends with girls than with guys?
do you feel you have a lot of friends?
do you feel that you are likeable?
do you apologize first?
can you hold a grudge for a long time?
you and your love life
if yes, how long?
what's your favorite quality in them?
how did you meet?
do you feel safe with them?
do you tell them your secrets?
first date?
were there sparks during your first kiss?
do you miss them when they're not around?
you and your academics/future
are you considered to be smart?
is your QPA above a 3.5?
do you plan on going to college?
won any awards?
what award are you most proud of?
what was the greatest thing you achieved this past year?
do you dislike a lot of people at your school?
do you usually get along with your teachers?
any extracurriculars?
what do you plan on doing with your future?
will you still talk to friends from highschool during college?
you and your past
have you been through any hard times in the past?
do you feel like you've come a long way since then?
do you have any regrets?
are their people you feel the need to prove yourself to?
do you believe everything happens for a reason?
do you think the future can only get better?
do you see yourself succeeding because of the past?
what's something you've learned?
you and your self confidence
do you believe in yourself?
do others believe in you?
do you feel you deserve good things?
do you feel that there's something very wrong with you?
do you wish you were someone else?
do you like what you see in the mirror?
are you content?
if you could chanage one thing about yourself, what would it be?
do you feel that if people dislike you, it's their loss?
are you easily influenced by others?
are you sensitive?
do you usually feel you have something to prove?
do you ever prove it?
do you feel jealous of others?
are others jealous of you?
do you believe in god?
if you could choose your own religion, what would it be?
do you respect other people's religious views?
what about life after death?
are you an only child?
do you like your siblings?
what about your parents?
do you do a lot of chores?
does money come easily?
are you often grounded?
do friends like your parents?
do you think you will someday be friends with your parents?
do you think they want the best for you?
ever done drugs?
drank alcohol?
skinny dipping?
ever been told you could model?
are you flexible?
do you watch a lot of TV?
name your top 3 hobbies.
whats your number one fear?
do you love your life right now?