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About This Survey

Author: superkell89
Created: July 19, 2006
Taken: 590 times
Rated: G

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A random survey about yourself

Created by superkell89 and taken 590 times on Bzoink
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The Basics
What is your name?
What nationality does your first name imply?
your last name?
When is your birthday?
What color is your hair?
What color are your eyes?
How tall are you?
What is your shoe size?
What are your parents names?
What are your grandparents names?
What are your siblings names?
What are your pets names?
hair do
Whats you
favorite drink?
favorite food?
favorite sport to play
favorite sport to watch
favorite baseball team
favorite basketball team
favorite football team
favorite soda
favorite day of the week
favorite color
favorite book
favorite subject in school
favorite place in the US
favorite place outside the US
favorite city
favorite mall
favorite car
favorite celebrity
favorite number
favorite animal
favorite candy
favorite clothing store
favorite color to wear
clothing style
zodiac sign
most missed memory
favorite quote
favorite disney princess
favorite disney prince
favorite disney villain
favorite disney character
favorite fairy tale
favorite mythological creature
favorite storybook character
favorite kids book
favorite vegetable
favorite fruit
favorite type of sword
favorite type of poison
favorite type of gun
favorite scooby doo character
favorite spongebob squarepants character
favorite president
favorite vacation spot
favorite song
favorite artist
favorite band
favorite tv show
favorite internet site
favorite movie
favorite comedy
favorite western
favorite actor
favorite actress
favorite drama
favorite musical
favorite scary movie
favorite sitcom
Have you ever
been kissed
been in love
ate sushi
been to disney land or world
been to the beach
been out of the country
been to the movies
dyed your hair
been grounded
did something you were told not to do
made straight As
stayed up all night and day
went to camp
sat on Santas lap
This or That
On Valentines day would you rather get chocolate or flowers
Christmas or halloween
mcdonalds or burger king
quiznos or subway
coke or pepsi
black or white
tv or movie
lights on or off
monkey or turtle
frog or mole
wolf or cat
camping or hotel
water or flavored water
california or florida
cell phone or ipod
stars or hearts
day or night
pen or pencil
Have you ever been on a plane
have you ever gone to another country with friends
have you ever partied in another country
have you ever went on a roadtrip with friends
ever had to stay in a hospital for more than a week
ever had surgery
ever broken a bone
ever bought clothes at walmart
ever gotten clothes from goodwill/salvation army
which finger is your favorite
what is your favorite lunch meat
what color is your house
do you do your own laundry
what was your favorite toy as a child
what class in school do you use for nap time
if you could rename yourself what would your name be
do people spell/pronounce your name wrong
what was your weirdest dream
do you have a strange obsession with pickles
bald people
are you a hermaphrodite
do you own any kind of weapon
do you watch bugs crawl on the floor
do you follow the bugs that crawl on the floor
are you a packrat
do you like scrambled eggs
ever eaten calamari
whos your favorite character from star wars
Lord of the Rings
if you could trade looks with anyone dead or alive who would it be
ever paid more than 100 bucks on a pair of jeans
what are you eating right now
what shampoo do you use
if you could trade lives with an animal what kind would you trade with
did you have any pets when you were young
did you used to bring home pets from off the streets when you were a kid
would you hug a bear if given the chance
have you ever seen a snake eat a rabbit in real life
do you sleep with stuffed animals
who do you tell your dreams to
what movies do you hate
what color do you hate
what food do you hate
what is your dream car
what are your thoughts on monkeys as pets
did you ever have a fish tank
if you could have any type of bird what would it be
have you ever been face to face with a moose
have you ever had a pet rat
if given the chance would you try to take over the world
your own house
does anyone in your house like to read over your shoulder
have you ever tried to skateboard
how much sleep do you need to function reasonably well the next day
do you like seafood
are you a vegetarian
have you ever sucked on a lemon
do you have a passport
do you like your passport/i.d./license photo
would you eat a cockroach for 500 dollars
whats on your mousepad
if you could go back in time what time period would you go to
who do you want to go as for halloween
what was the last thing you ate
if you were a crayon what color would you be
favorite flower
are you a democrat or a republican
do you want to go to college
what would you like to be when you get older
do you have a bedtime
do you like your handwriting
what country would you like to visit the most
7 things you hate
6 things you love
5 things you would bring to a deserted island
do you listen to rap
heavy metal
techno reggae
boadway musical songs
The Ideal Mate
hair color
hair length
hair style
eye color
skin color
clothing style
shy or outgoing
happy or depressed
funny or serious
abusive or kind
ideal height
artistic or athletic
intellectual or unintelligent
what would his hobby be
his interests
your ideal date
ideal wedding
how many kids
kids' names
should the girl ask the guy or the guy ask the girl
any other specifications