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Author: surveymeburvey
Created: July 23, 2006
Taken: 2,583 times
Rated: G

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Cell phone super survey!

Created by surveymeburvey and taken 2583 times on Bzoink
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Outside/ The basics
What kind of phone do you have (Kyocera, Audiovox, Altel)?
Who is your service provider? (Sprint, Verizon, Ntelos)?
What color is your phone?
Does your phone flip, slide, pull out or a basic phone?
Does your phone take pictures, record videos, chirp or play music? Other?
How long have you had your phone?
What does your banner/headline say?
Is your phone in color?
What is your background image?
How many contacts do you have?
Who is your last missed call?
Who is your last incoming call?
Who is your last outgoing call?
Who do you call the most on your phone?
Who calls you the most?
What does your last incoming text message say?
What does your last outgoing text say?
Is your texting free? If not how much does it cost?
Who is your last text from?
Who texts you the most?
Who do you text the most?
Do you have free nights and weekends?
How many minutes do you get a month?
Are you on a shared plan?
If so , with who?
Other stuff
How many games do you have?
Can you download ringtones?
What is your current ringtone?
The 4th person under A in your phonebook
The first person under B
The first person under S
Third person under S
Third person under J
2nd person under B