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Author: mochaj
Created: August 2, 2006
Taken: 717 times
Rated: PG

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Friends of the OPPOSITE Sex!

Created by mochaj and taken 717 times on Bzoink
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Names, please?
Now for the questions!
One. How long have you known them?
Two. When was the last time you saw this person?
Three. Are they taller then you?
Four. Ever fought with them?
Five. Can you beat them up?
Six. Would you ever marry this person?
Seven. Have you ever slept in their bed?
Eight. Would you ever date this person?
Nine. How old are they?
Ten. Does this person play any sports?
Is one a good friend?
Have you hugged two recently?
Three does drugs! What's your reaction?
Four is spreding rumors about you, what do you do?
Five confesses undying love for you, what's your response?
Number six's best feature?
The next time you'll see number seven?
Would you ever date number eight?
Is nine single?
What is number ten's darkest secret?
Would you EVER kiss number one?
Number two has killed someone. Do you hide and/or help them?
When was the last time you saw three?
Can four do back flips?
What was your first impression of number five?
Would number six ever hurt you?
One word you'd use to describe seven?
Where did you meet number eight?
FIRST memory that comes to mind with number nine...?
Has ten ever hurt you?
Do you know one's parent's?
Do you think two is cute?
How long have you known number three?
Do you give four hugs?
Five ran away and needs a place to stay. What do you do?
How tall is number six?
Does seven love you?
Could you see yourself married to number eight?
FIRST memory that comes to mind with number nine?
Would you kiss ten?
How do you greet number one?
Have you ever been to number two's house? Stayed the night?
What would you do if three tried to kiss you?
Would you let four stay the night at your place?
Can you stand to be with five for an hour?
Would you consider number six attractive?
Have you ever considered more than just friendship with seven?
Have you and eight ever met up someplace?
Nine is dating one of your close friends. Your reaction?
Is number ten more of a leader or a follower?
Think about it...
Who gives the BEST hugs?
How have you known the longest?
Who have you known the shortest?
Who do you know the best?
Who would you like to know better?
Who is the best looking?
Who makes you the most happy?
Who is the most sarcastic?
Who has made you cry?
Who do you want to talk to, right now?
Who has made you laugh the hardest?
Who have you crushed on, in the past?
Who would you marry, if you HAD to choose one?
Who do you turn to for distraction?
Who do you turn to for comfort?
Who has the most interesting conversation topics?
Who is the best with people?
Who has spent the most time at your house?
Who is the most attractive, to you?
Who would you just love to kill?
Who gives the best nicknames?
Who can you see becoming your worst enemy?
Who do you want to kiss?
Who are you better friends with?
Who would be the MOST LIKELY to fill out a survey like this one?