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Author: ajpeacock
Created: August 12, 2006
Taken: 530 times
Rated: G

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top 3 crushes

Created by ajpeacock and taken 530 times on Bzoink
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Let's give them a name, or a nickname if you'd prefer...
Let's hope
Let's Begin.. Number One
How long have you liked them?
Do they Know?
How do they feel about you?
Do they go to your school?
Older or Younger than you?
Ever thought about marring this person?
having children?
What's your favorite memory with this person?
Are you ever gonna ask them out?
Care to say who it is?
Let's move on.. Two
Okay, how long have you liked them?
Why do you like them?
Ever had a dream about this person?
Do you think about this person often?
Ever had a daydream of you together?
Have you kissed this person?
Have you ever told him/her how you feel?
Ever think they like you back?
So.. who is it?
Alrightly, Number Three
How long have you liked them?
Aww, how sweet, so what's so special about them?
Do you get shutters when you touch?
=), so how often do you talk to them?
Was it love at first site?
If they asked you to marry you, how'd you react?
Have you guys ever hugged or kissed?
Do you two hang out outside of school?
What do they look like?
Wow, how sweet, wanna tell us who it is?
Almost done, okay?
So who do you like most?
If only one coulds ask you out, who do you want it to be?
Would you rather have a boyfriend or just date?
I think you should tell that ONE how you feel.. but that's just me..