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Author: makethedreamreal
Created: August 20, 2006
Taken: 1,134 times
Rated: G

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iPOD shuffle

Created by makethedreamreal and taken 1134 times on Bzoink
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You know what to do.......
Describe last night
What did you do an hour ago
You best friend is going through this right now
Your dad is
Your mom is
Your sibling is
What luck will you have today
And what about next week
How about in the future
Will you ever be famous
The person you will marry....describe him/her
You look like
Biggest turn on
Biggest fear
Best day of your life
Last spiritual moment
Work is
How long will you be single for
Your kids
Old age will be
Will you perform
Does the person you love think about you often
What do they do most of the time
1st love
Worst relationship
Worst job
Last job
Lucky number
The ocean is
Your favorite book is
You should be doing more of
Thing you do the most
Thing you never do
Proudest moment
Your health
Your fitness level
Potential future opportunities
Where you live/will live
Your destiny
Money matters
Community Service
Being a vegetarian/vegan
Falling asleep next to the person you love
Last day alive
1st day alive
Day you give birth/see your woman give birth
Life's meaning
What I need to do tomorrow
The most important thing to keep in mind is...