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Author: pretteyes4u
Created: October 6, 2006
Taken: 2,086 times
Rated: G

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* ItZ AlL BoUt Me *

Created by pretteyes4u and taken 2086 times on Bzoink
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.::. BaSiC .::.
::Hair Color::
::Eye Color::
::Shoe Size::
::Ring Size::
::Relationship Status::
.::.Do YoU.::.
::Do Drugs::
::Talk On Da Phone::
::Go 2 Nite Clubs::
::Have Friends::
::Talk 2 Peopel u Don't no::
::Read Newspaper::
::Have Ur Own Car::
::Go 2 School::
::Lyke School::
::Ever Get Off Da Computer::
.::.HaVe YoU eVeR .::.
Been Out Of The Country::
::Talked On Da Phone All Night::
::Slept All Day::
::Been Skinny Dipping::
::Had Surgery::
::Done Drugs::
::Been Drunk::
::Been On Stage::
::Cheated On Ur Girl/BoyFriends::
::Had Sex::
.::. U & LiFe .::.
::Do U Have n*e*Secreats::
::Biggest Fears::
::Can U Dance::
::Can U Draw::
::Can U Sing::
::R U Married::
::Do U Live w/ Ur Mom & Dad::
::How Many Brothers::
::Parents Still 2gether::
.::. Do U B-LiEvE .::.
:: In Love @ 1st Sight::
::EveryThing Happens 4 A Reason::
.::. LoVe LiFe .::.
::1st Kiss::
::Whats Romantic 2 u::
::What Do U Think Of Girls Asking Guys Out::
::Lights On/Off::
::What Do u Find Romantic::
::R U In Love::
::R U In Love w/ More Then 1 Person::
::Worst Thng Bout Da Opposite Sex::
::Some1 Perfect Would ::
.::.ThIs Or ThAt .::.
::Day/ Nite::
.::.WhO WaS LaSt PeRsOn.::.
::u Talked 2::
::u Hugged::
::u Missed::
::Text U::
::u Saw::
::u Touch::
::Tickled U::
::u Kissed::
::2 IM u::
.::. FiNiSh Da SeNtEnCe .::.
::I NeEd::
::I WaNt::
::I HaTe::
::I LoVE::
::I LiKe::
::I FeEl::
::I WaNnA::
::I MiSs::
::I HeAr::
::I WiSh::
::I DrEaM::
::I HaTe::