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Author: surferlexi630
Created: August 25, 2004
Taken: 68 times
Rated: G

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Created by surferlexi630 and taken 68 times on Bzoink
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.::The basics::.
Age you act::
Male Female::
Current location::
Eye color::
Hair color::
Right lefty Both::
Zodiac sign::
Your hair::
Your eyes::
Your fears::
Your perfect room::
Whats in ur room::
.::Your Home::.
1-2 ^ Storys?::
How many Bedrooms::
Extra rooms::
Do you like ur house?::
If so why::
If so why not::
.::Things about you::.
Play any sports::
What sports::
If not how come::
Do you like urself::
Wanna change anything about you::
If so why::
If not how come::
What grade r u in::
Failed before::
Can you drive::
What kinda car you have::
What kinda car you want::
What do u wanna be when u grow up::
What kinda music u like::
Name sum bands or people::
Ur bestfriend::
Any more?::
Most Daring::
One that can keep u up all night::
Dont talk much::
The one who most cares about you::
One u can see outside Parting::
One you can see inside reading a book::
Which friend do you love the most::
.::Personal stuff::.
Any chrushs?::
Do they know::
If u dont have one, why::
Straight, gay, bi::
Do you love anybody::
Have you ever loved anybody::
Who was it::
Are u in a relasionship right now::
Whos the lucky person::
Do you wanna be in a realsionship::
How far have you gone::
Do u sumtimes wish u didnt::
Are you a virgin::
If not, do u regret it::
If so, Wanna lose it::
.::Random stuff::.
Would you ever skydive::
How about swim with sharks::
Ever wanna risk ur life for sumthing/sumone::
Would u jump of a bridge knowin u'll die for 1million dollars::
How many people on ur buddylist::
Do u know them all::
Are half from chatrooms and u never seen em before::
What school u going into again?::
Do you like ur school::
Have u ever moved before::
O well this is the end.....