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Author: chat02la
Created: October 20, 2006
Taken: 2,578 times
Rated: G

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100 miscellaneous questions/ be honest

Created by chat02la and taken 2578 times on Bzoink
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when was the last time you had a picture taken?
what was the last thing you did?
where did you go to do?
do you rent or own?
are you independent?
do you pay your own bills?
what do you do for money?
how often to you go grocery shopping?
when was the last time you took time for yourself?
do you have a cell phone?
do you own your own computer?
whats your favorite juice
whats your favorit alcoholoic drink
have u ever smoked
do you still smoke/what brand
what is your favorite candy?
what is your favorite cereal?
what is your favorite food?
what brand of shoes do you have?
what brands of clothes do you have?
have kids?/if yes name(s):
want kids?
what to get married?
favorite movie?
favorite restuarants?
favorite song(s)?
favorite past time?
what do you regret?
ever been arrested?
ever been charged with a crime?
ever convicted of a crime?
ever charge with a crime and it was dropped?/if so what was the charge...
ever lied to someone to protect yourself?
ever loose someones trust? why?
who do you trust now?
how many tvs do you own?
how many cars have you owned?
bought anything new recently? what...
when was the last time you had fast food? what did you get?
how many cell phones have you owned?
do you have real or fake plants?
do you believe in yourself?
were do you see yourself in 5 years?
what did you eat today?
whats todays date?
do you collect anything? what?
do you love yourself?
ever been in love?
ever had your heart broken?/if so by who?
do you write in a journal?
ever written a poem?
what is HPV?
what tv show did you watch today?
did you listen to msuic today?
coke or pepsi?
chips or popcorn?
can you tell the difference bewteen coke and pepsi?
diet or regular?
can you tell the difference between diet and regular?
sprite or 7up?
did you know that milwaukee has one of the highest rates for aids?
do you wear jewery? what do you wear?
do you wear make up?
do you do you hair regularly?
when was the last tiem you didn't get any bills in the mail?
young jeezy or yung joc?
tupac or biggie?
eminem or 50 cent?
chamillionaire or rick ross?
mariah carey or beyonce?
destiny's child or monica?
t.i. or ying yang twins?
r kelly or t-pain?
lil scrappy or e-40?
whens the last time you worte a paper?
do you have a digital camera?
do you order off the internet?
whens the last time you took a walk?
whens the last time you went out?
tatoos? how many?
percerings? how many?
whats you favorite gum?
ever taken a computer class?
do you like to talk on the phone?
do you have a temper?
are you a serious person?
do you like snow?
what is your favorite season? why?
whats your favorite month? why?
if you could bring one person back who would it be?
if ou could meet anyone alive or dead whow ould it be?
were would you like to live?
how did your last realtionship end?
how do you want to die?
do you pray?
have your prayers been answered before?
whats your favorite weather?
whats your favorite store?
what is you fear?
what is your weakness?
what ur sign?
do you like crowds?