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Author: randomlynot
Created: November 6, 2006
Taken: 1,126 times
Rated: G

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Best Friend

Created by randomlynot and taken 1126 times on Bzoink
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...Best Friends..
Who is this survey about?
When is their birthday?
Where were they born?
Where do they live now??
How long have you been friends?
Why is this person your BEST friend?
Do you love them?
Do they love you?
Do you care about this person?
Do they care about you?
Would you die for them?
What exactly would you go through for them?
Could you live with out them?
Why do they mean alot to you?
What would you do if this person said they never wanted to tlk to u again?
Can you tell them anything?
Whats their favorite Color?
tv show?
Are they your favorite person?
Desribe their Style?
How is their sense of humor?
What is their fav holidy?
Do they like to read?
Have you ever kissed them?
- If yes did you enjoy it?
Do you love them.. or are you IN love with them?
Do they know how you feel?
Have they ever hated you?
Have they ever not liked you?
Do they have any pets
Do they have any siblings?
What are their parents names?
What is their number?
Do you guys talk a lot on the phone?
About how much?
DO you talk to them a lot?
Are they annoyed by you?
Who is their favorite author?
Would you marry them?
Are they pretty/handsome?
What is their best feature?
What do you love about them?
What cant you stand?
Who is funnier?
Who can sing better?
What color are their eyes?
Do you envy them?
If they died tomorrow what would you do?
If you could tell them anything in this world what would you say?