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Author: lachicklaura89
Created: December 8, 2006
Taken: 667 times
Rated: G

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1 Long Have you ever survey

Created by lachicklaura89 and taken 667 times on Bzoink
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Have u ever
Folded a dollar bill in hopes of doing a trick
Used a hotcomb or curling iron on ur hair
Got ur ears pierced
Got a tatoo
had anything from Aero
had anything from AE
had anything from hollister
had anything from abercrombie
bought clothes from walmart
put alluminum foil in the oven
picked up a coin u found on the ground
memorized a Verse from the Bible
been on a diet
seen a friend in there underwear
eaten peanut butter on a spoon
how about frosting
got ur toung stuck to a pole or ice pop
fallen down stairs
fallen up stairs
seen a real pig
used deoderant
opened a present and wrapped it back up
held a baby
changed a diaper
made a star or Angel for a Christmas tree
got ur toung turned a different color from candy
played bingo
had a disco ball
been kissed by someone of the same gender who wasnt related
wet the bed since u were 8
set something on fire for fun
won a trophy
broke a pencil in half on accident
sent a letter by snail mail
made or had a peanut butter and banana sandwhich
seen dora the exploror
whole punched ur clothes
cried over a movie
photosopped a pic
ate something plugging ur nose
licked someone
bit someone
considered urself very emotional
grown a flower or veggetable
seen a dermo
played house
got lost
ran a mile in under 10 minutes
made a game
pretended one of ur friends was ur kid
been bit by someone
played GTA
decided whether or not u liked someone based on their religion
been tickled on ur feet in the past year
eaten an orange
thrown a party
made a face with ur food
jumped in a pool with ur clothes on
thrown a party
ate frozen yogurt
missed some one
had a food fight
been to a funeral
been to a wedding
been friends with someone famous
smushed a cupcake in someones face
crossed ur eyes
been in a band
believed in Santa Claus
been in love
broke a mirror
been jealous
been in a play
had a friend that u only knew online
climbed a tree
told a friend u loved them
learned an instrument
chipped a tooth
ate a decoration thinkin it was candy
got a detention
baked a cake
fell from a tree
reconsidered ur relationship with a friend of the oppisite gender
been on AOL for more than 5 hours
had a Xanga
roasted marshmallows over candles
had a nickname containing part or all of ur last name
played on a sports team
cried on a friends shoulder
been in a chorus
had a mental disorder
kissed a baby
scanned ur hand
told a kid Santa Claus wasn't real
held a baby
had more than one cell phone
been in Marching Band
had surgery
smelled a candle in the store u didn't like
switched Religions
stoop for what u believe in
bought a Christmas present for more than 20 dollars
done ur own laundry
gave someone the evil look cuz u were mad at them
had a hamster
took out ur anger on an animal
bit ur nails
had a friend cry on ur shoulder
bought something u couldn't wear cuz u forgot to check the size @ the store
liked this survey