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Author: saltitall
Created: January 11, 2007
Taken: 176 times
Rated: G

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This or That?

Created by saltitall and taken 176 times on Bzoink
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This survey has nothing but This or Thats
Candy or Cookies
Chocolate or Vanilla
Brownies or Cake
White or Black
White Milk or Chocolate Milk
Santa Clause or The Easter bunny
Hot or Cold
Winter or Summer
Fall or Spring
Rain or Snow
Cloudy or Sunny
Cereal or Eggs
Pizza or Tacos
Xs or Os
Pee or Poop
Right or Left
Kisses or Hugs
Fat or Skinny
Short or Tall
Dirt or Water
Coke or Pepsi
Loud or Quiet
Yes or No
Jacket or Coat
Red or Blue
Tv or Computer
Talk or Shut up
Smart or Dumb
10:00pm or 10:00am
Tea or Coffee
Socks or Bare Feet
Sneakers or Flip Flops
Pen or Pencil
On or Off
Day or Night
Floor fan or Ceiling fan
Flashlight or Lantern
Light bulb or Glow stick
Thank you or Thanks
Uh huh or yeah
Vomit or Puke
Light or Dark
Christmas or Thanksgiving
PS1 or PS2
Radio or CD
News or Weather
Cartoons or Comics
Funny or Serious
Nice or Mean
Warm or Cool
Shiny or Dull
Blue pen or Black pen
Ink pen or Gel pen
Nap or Stay awake
Computer Speakers On or Off
Walk or Run
In or Out
Bad or Good
Jingle Bells or Rudolph the red nose reindeer
Hat or No hat
Dress or Pants
Short sleeves or Long Sleeves
Begin or End