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Posted: 01 Nov 2009 12:13 AM       Subject: guys.. do you do this?
I came across this list, and I checked off the things that I do for girls. What do you do? BE HONEST.


1. Chocolate covered strawberries... enough said! ~ no
2. Sing to us... we dont care how you sound ~ its happened.. Lol
3. Make us laugh... trust us it works! ~ all the time :]
4. Wisper in our ear... it drives EVERY girl CrAzY! ~ yep
5. Kisses on the neck... we know you like it too ~ yes and yes
6. The way you look at us with those sexy sexy eyes ha ~ yes?
7. Kiss our stomachs and our backs... OMG ~ yes
8. Kiss us on our foreheads... its cute! ~ all the time
9. Kiss our fingers and our feet if you dare ha... ~ no, unless hands count
10. Smell good... ~ I try too
11. Dance with us whenever, wherever, however you want ~ random slow dancing is awesome :)
12. Don't lie to us... we will find out... ~ I try not to, but everyone lies a lil bit
13. Keep the promises you make... no matter how petty they are... ~ of course.
14. When she tells you she just went to Victoria's Secret ask her what she got cuz most likely she has it on... ~ that hasn't happened lol
15. Hold our hands...DUH!! ~ always.
16. Be naughty AND nice... hehe ~ yes
17. Look at the stars with her... let's face it you gotta be a little romantic... ~ that happens a lot :)
18. Kiss her in the rain... it IS every girls fantasy... ~ I love it lol
19. Let her know that you can talk to her or tell her anything and she will trust you more... ~ of course.
20. Did i mention that we LOVE to laugh... ~ yes you did.
21. We like it when you're goofy, we dont wanna be the only ones... ~ I can be pretty goofy.. Lol
22. Don't get too jealous of her other guy friends, it's nice to know you are concerned, but hey you have her... isn't that what matters... ~ I didn't.. I swear :/
23. Move the hair out of her eyes before you kiss her... it really is amazing ~ all the time :)
24. Brush your hand across the small of her back... you have NO idea what that does to a girl! ~ yep
25. Do things spur of the moment... need i say more... its hot! ~ done it

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