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Posted: 19 May 2009 04:39 PM       Subject: "Nowhere Boy"
"Nowhere boy" is a movie about John Lennon's childhood that according to IMDB, will be released in 2010. Aaron Johnson will be playing John.

I'm pretty interested in seeing how this one turns out although I'm not too sure about it. It seems like the directors should have done more information before starting the filming. There was a screen cap released of 'John' walking down the street as a teen in his granny-styled glasses but as a teen he wore Buddy Holly styled glasses...doesn't seem like they've done too much research. I'm just hoping this movie won't mess up the memory of John.

Anyone else interested in seeing the movie?

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Posted: 21 May 2009 03:04 PM         Subject: RE:
Oooh i'll def go and see it when it comes out
have you seen across the universe, I love that film I can't get enought of it :p although when I showed it to my parents they were both like meh wasn't that good
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