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Posted: 22 Apr 2011 01:57 PM       Subject: repeating an ex.
My quesiton for everybody is, if you ever started dating one of your ex's again? & how that turned out?

My story however, is this..
2 years ago, (exactly 2 years from yesterday actually) this guy asked me out. Being around him I would get the worst case of butterflies, and everything he did made me smile. We dated for a few months, but I was really awkward about it. Then one day this girl told me he cussed her out, and how we wanted to kiss my bestfriend rather then me, and all this b.s. Sadly, I believed her. I asked him about it, a few times.. and he got fed up and broke up with me, his words being "You stupid *hore, never talk to me again" <- he's really bad at breaking up with people. However, his plan didn't work out. We had a class together last year, and he would always stare at me, and talk about me to his friends about how he thought I was hot, and stuff. (I know for a fact). Then in January of last year.. him and my supposed bestfriend were at a party, and they almost screwed eachother.. but on his behalf.. he was drunk. When he's sober, he hates her, legit. Anywhoo, so the rest of that year was really interesting, we became friends I guess. He chose to go to early college, I was accepted there too, but I denied it. In January of this year, he invited me over for a snowball fight, because it never snows in this town. We all hung out, and his bestfriends had been texting me a few days after asking if I liked him and all this stuff. So that brings me to where I am now.. he's been dating this girl since November, but he's really sick of her, she cheated on him with another girl, and already broke up with him once, then begged for him back. Now I know (from trusted sources) that he has been planning on asking me out for awhile.. should I take him back after all this?

thanks for any advice, i'll consider it all..
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Posted: 29 Apr 2011 10:53 PM         Subject: RE: repeating an ex.
All this drama is just going to drive you insane again.
I know this isn't what you want to hear, but I wouldn't go back with him.
There's a reason why your relationship is over, and you shouldn't go pursuing it again just because he's shown an interest in you. If you go back to him, you may miss an opportunity to find someone 10x better, and you'll never be happy when you're in the middle of all that drama anyway.
You're obviously a great girl if he wants you back. Keep flaunting what you have and don't let him touch. He'll regret what he did to you. (:
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Posted: 10 May 2011 08:38 PM         Subject: RE: repeating an ex.
I have repeated an ex, but not under those circumstances. We were best friends and fell in love after an awkward first dating encounter and then we dated for 2 years.
From what you said though, I don't think I'd do it.
No offense, but he doesn't necessarily seem like the nicest guy... the fact that he called you a *hore at all bothers me, even if he is bad at breakups. And almost screwed someone he apparently hates when he was drunk, what if he meets someone he mildly likes when he's drunk? :/ Doesn't sound like the most trustworthy type if you ask me. But do what you feel is right, be it dating him or not. :] Nobody can decide for you.
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