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Posted: 14 Jan 2009 06:47 PM       Subject: Things YOU can do to make Bzoink even cooler!
1. Get an icon. It's way better than seeing the "Looks aren't everything" guy. And it makes us feel like we know you better. If we see your icon over and over, then we recognize you. It's easier than remembering user names. The more Bzoinkers that have icons, the more it feels like a real community.

2. Don't complain. Now, if there is something you don't like, let us know. If there is an improvement we can make, you can talk to me or Andy or just leave a comment in a forum. We do whatever we can to improve Bzoink, as you can see through all the changes we've made recently. But don't just say "This site sux yo" or whatever, because that doesn't help us fix whatever it is that you think sucks.

3. Be uber-friendly. Did you like my survey? Then drop me a line and let me know. Or add me as a friend. Or stop by and give a birthday boy or girl a message. Make friends! That's the whole point!

4. Share Bzoink with the whole interweb. We know you are on MySpace and Facebook and LJ. So are we! Join the Bzoink Facebook group or LJ community. Post your surveys, quizlets, and polls elsewhere. It'll help you and your friends get to know each other better and it helps get Bzoink out there!

5. Hang out in the forums. This is a no-brainier. If you want Bzoink to be a helpful, fun, and friend filled place, then hop in the forums and start chatting. Don't just respond- create your own threads!

6. Make surveys, quizlets, and polls that are really unique. We know that there are a lot of repetitive surveys out there. That happens when you have tens of thousands of surveys available! But if you think that the surveys aren't that cool, make one that is and post it all over. That is the best way to improve survey quality. Make a survey that sets the bar higher!
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