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Posted: 21 Jun 2011 04:07 AM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
Hei..........I think u r good in writing,
Can't u continue....?

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Posted: 22 Jun 2011 06:41 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. I'm 20 years old.
2. I work full time at Kroger.
3. I also volunteer at the hospital. (:
4. I don't drink as much as water as I should.
5. I just gotta new car!
6. I love just hanging out around the house in shorts and a shirt.
7. The beach is my favorite place ever! It's so peaceful at night.
8. I over analyze everything.
9. Blue and green are my favorite colors.
10. I absolutely love Mexican food. <3
11. I have two nephews whom I adore. (:
12. I also have a niece on the way. She's due in October. :D
13. I love my friends and family and I'd do anything for them.
14. I have a really big heart and I'm always there for everyone I can be.
15. I'm gonna take CNA classes in the fall.
16. I wanna work in a nursing home and help take care of older people. They're so sweet. <3
17. Both my grandma's are my heroes. I hope I can just be half the woman they are/were.
18. I'm running out of facts for this.
19. I like to bake things.
20. And that's all.(:
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Posted: 25 Jul 2011 04:32 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
One; It's been a super long time since I posted in the forums. D:<
Two; School starts in 38 days. (:
Three; I'm redecorating my room. Gahh.
Four; I love my blog. XD
Five; Uh...I smoke. D:
Six; I miss my boyfriend...Gahh.
Seven; I love saying gahhh. XD
Eight; I'm listening to Little Razorblade by The Pink Spiders. Again. xD
Nine; I saw my dad yesterday. D:
Ten; I really really really want my own laptop.
Eleven; I can't wait until school cuz I'm lame and have no life during the summer. Dx
Twelve; Most of my close friends are stoners.
Thirteen; I can't draw. It sucks. D:
Fourteen; I wanna pierce my belly button.
Fifteen; This is my age. O_O
Sixteen; It's my boyfriend's birthday today.
Seventeen; This is his age.
Eighteen; I suck at this. xD
Nineteen; I really want huckleberry icecream.
Twenty; I have a new text. xD

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Posted: 25 Jul 2011 09:51 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
one; I have to pee.
two; I'm playing Final Fantasy XIII.
three; Every time I play this game, I turn my because off because I love the soundtrack.
four; I'd buy the soundtrack, but it's thirty dollars and I need the money for a ticket to Splash Town.
five; I'm supposed to go to Splash Town some time this week.
six; My feet are cold.
seven; I've been writing a lot lately.
eight; So far, I have thirty pages done. c:
nine; I was playing Pokemon Yellow earlier. I love it.
ten; I went to bed at four today and woke up at ten.
eleven; I'm exhausted.
twelve; It's 8:47 PM at the moment.
thirteen; I haven't washed the shirt I wore to the Get Scared, Vampires Everywhere!, Dr. Acula, Aiden and Eyes Set To Kill concert because it's signed and I'm afraid it'll fade.
fourteen; 29 days until school starts. I'm a bit nervous.
fifteen; I'm wearing four bracelets, two rings and two necklaces.
sixteen; I recently fixed my crescent moon necklace. c:
seventeen; Andi's broken most of my necklaces by accident, lolol.
eighteen; My nails are red~
nineteen; I think I'm close to beating this game.
twenty; I am going to relieve my bladder~

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Posted: 25 Jul 2011 11:43 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. I am currently downloading Mozilla Firefox...
2. ...because, for some reason, Google Chrome keeps on crashing.
3. I love Harry Potter.
4. When they played Leaving Hogwarts in the 19 years later epilogue, I got emotional and cried.
5. I cry easily.
6. My downloads are almost done.
7. It's raining outside and I love the dim, kind of gloomy atmosphere.
8. My favorite color is teal.
9. I'm wearing a yellow shirt with cupcakes all over it.
10. I rarely finish what I start.
11. I wish I had money to buy all the books I want.
12. I have a friend who had a kitty who she named after me :3
13. No one understands what I feel.
14. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with Catcher in the Rye.
15. But I somehow got attached to the book and I will miss it.
16. I will teach myself how to play Into Your Arms later.
17. I am so hungry.
18. I'm craving for french fries or tacos. Or anything fast food.
19. Yay! The download finished.
20. Tom Felton is asfkal;sfjketylkeg,s.
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Posted: 29 Nov 2011 05:40 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. This is the first time in foreverrr that I have posted on here.
2. I still take surveys a lot.
3. Um.. I work out every day at the Y, but not for very long.
4. I just got out of a relationship.
5. The relationship was...stupid.
6. He cheated on me, and for some reason I still thought he cared.
7. Then he dumped me a week and a half after I took him back.
8. Me = typical teenage girl, I suppose.
9. I am feeling better, I don't really miss him that much.
10. I do miss having someone to talk to.
11. On the brightside, my dog is warmer and cuddly-er.
12. I love movies so much.
13. Also, music.
14. Having my license is the best thing that ever happened to me.
15. I am actually excited for softball conditioning to start, only because I miss my team and I will like having something to do.
16. I love getting out of the house whenever I have a reason to.
17. I should go to bed early tonight.
18. That probably won't happen.
19. I really do love my life.
20. Bye bye
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Posted: 05 Dec 2011 06:29 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. My name is Rachel.
2. I LOVEEEEEEEE my church.
3. My friend is throwing a christmas party later. Its going to be amazing. :D
4. My best friend's name is Hannah.
5. I have a dog named Jerry.
6. I'm hungry.
7. I'm an optimist.
8. I'm only a size 3 1/2 in womans shoes.
9. I love the band lifehouse.
10. And paramore.
11. I cant wait to watch 'the notebook.'
12. I still use email with my friends.
13. I'm throwing a new years party with tons of my friends. Hello 2012! <3
14. I'm a scaredy cat but i'm in love with thrill rides.
15. Caramel milkshakes are heaven on earth. <3
16. I'm a christian.
17. My cousin once had a crush on me. Talk about ackward.
18. I'm listening to is it you by cassie.
19. I love my friends to death.
20. I wanna go to the mall right now... -___-

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Posted: 04 Jan 2012 01:34 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. I'm outgoing and loud and insane and crazy but my deepest wish is to be a quiet girl. I act quiet online.
2. I seem to like all the ugly-ish guys.
3. Never been kissed.
4. I'm homeschooled : )
5. I'm tall and skinny, but the fat that I do have seems to go to my stomach even though I swim and dance and try to build my core and abs.
6. I'm kind of in love with ground beef. Favorite food.
7. I'm the oldest of six children.
8. I'm Catholic, and lemme tell you I cannot possibly be more proud of that.
9. My first name is Brittany, but most people call me Nicolae, which is my second name.
10. I sing. I play. I dance.
11. In my wildest dreams, I desperately want to be a singer/songwriter/musician, but I know that an education is easier come by so I focus on my sciences so I can become a doctor.
12. There's only one girl on this earth other than me that know some of my biggest secrets.
13. I've like the same guy for four years.
14. I'm too busy helping people.
15. I never exactly wanted to be a writer, nor have I ever thought I was good at writing, but writing journals, and stories on here or Tumblr (link in signature) or my other blog, people tell me I'm phenomenal...
16. My favorite number is thirteen.
17. I'm obsessed with Taylor Swift
18. I tend to laugh whenever someone else is laughing, even if I don't know why. I smile when someone else smiles, I will literally roll on the floor and laugh when I think of something funny. I'm goofy : )
19. There's so much more I can say.
20. I can dance like nobody's business. I live life to the fullest, I don't care whether my smile is annoying you because you're not having a great day.

21. My greatest goal in life: I want to inspire people.

Yes, that was 21. But oh what now, its too late I did it.

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Posted: 26 Jan 2012 09:46 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. I really miss all the bzoink people:( it's like I never even knew them...
2. Um I should be asleep right now.
3. I don't know what's wrong with me.
4. Everyone my age is so pumped about being in relationships and everything.
5. But me, I think boys want to hang out way too much.
6. Like, I have a ton of homework, and I love food, and listening to weird music, and being with my friends.
7. I feel like girls with boyfriends never hang out with their friends.
8. I'd be LOST without mine.
9. Plus, why does everyone want to waste all of high school in a relationship anyways?
10. I mean, I am so attracted to boys, but like, they really aren't worth your time at this age.
11. All they wanna do is have sex everyday, and really I have better things to do.
12. I like kissing boys.
13. I don't really like much else.
14. I don't care how that sounds, that's who I am.
15. WOW okay I'm done complaining about boys and my life and blah blah.
16. On the bright side, my nails look fabulous right now.
17. I'm going to be sore tomorrow.
18. Conditioning killed me today.
19. I really wanna get better though.
20. Softball is my life.
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Posted: 26 Jan 2012 11:40 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. I haven't talked to/seen Brooke on here in foreverz. ^ :(
2. I'm never really on here anymore. (Thats probably why.)
3. My insanely idiotic exboyfriend showed up at a show last week. I almost lost it with how mad I was. Such. An. Idiot.
4. He thinks I'm scared of him, but he's wrong. :-p
5. I should be in bed. I have to work in the morning.
6. I feel like staying up all night.
7. Sage is about to break my heart. Again.
8. My dreams have been terrifyingly accurate lately. I don't like it.
9. My hair is a mess.
10. I have "Honi Awa" written on my hand. :-p
11. I've totally distanced myself from my entire family.
12. Its so much nicer this way.
13. I've had 2 days in a row off.
14. Being real pays off. I hate fakeness.
15. Tonight was intense.
16. I'm freezing. I need a blanket.
17. Do you ever feel like puking because you're so cold? And you feel cold because you're hurt? Its stupid. Thats how I feel.
18. I feel like I complain wayyy too much.
19. I misss Bzoink.
20. Today sucks.

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Posted: 30 Jan 2012 03:30 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. AHHH ^^^ I haven't seen you in forever either! :(
2. I feel super sick today.
3. Horrible headache, won't go away.
4. But on the bright side, I got a curling wand and it's awesome.
5. I was kinda talking to Brad but I really don't want to now.
6. He's too much.
7. Always wants to hang out.
8. All I wanna do is lay in my bed all the time.
9. I never feel like doing anything but being here with my heated blanket and laptop.
10. I wish our bananas weren't so green.
11. I really need to eat one, my eye will NOT stop twitching.
12. Wouldn't it be cool if I actually put meaningful things in these once? haha.
13. Why do I feel so crappppy
14. I kinda wanna go get a sweet tea from the Purple Turtle, but you have to parallel park there :/
15. Blah I could just go to McDonalds like a normal person.
16. I want ice cream or something.
17. I bet I'm about to start my period.
18. Sorry for grossing anyone out.
19. That's just how I feel. lol
20. buhbyeee
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Posted: 01 Feb 2012 04:50 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. Its sad! ^ No one is ever on when I am. :/
2. Everytime I scratch my nails down someone else's back, I hope you feel it.
3. I'm teaching a piano lesson in about 15 minutes.
4. Today was my only day off. I planned on sleeping in. But ended up getting up at 6:45. Earlier than I do when I actually have to go to work.
5. My life pretty much consists of either drinking coffee, green tea, diet coke, or flavored water.
6. I just got a text. Its from Chloe.
7. We're making plans for where we're gonna sit at the meeting tonight. I'm sooo dreading it.
8. I don't think I'll finish this before my piano student Bailey gets here. She's always early.
9. Its finally hitting me that I'm an adult. I'll be 20 next month.
10. I'm listening to Alanis Morissette. FACT.
11. I need to get more coffee before she gets here.
12. You asleep yet? These are so boring. Facts, but boring.
13. This is Taylor Swift's favorite number. Mine is 17.
14. Which is ironic. Because my 17th year was the worst of my life so far.
15. I'm supposed to go over to Sage and Maggie's house on Saturday. I'm making spaghetti tacos. YES. NAILED IT! ( I don't wanna go. :/)
16. He's been SUPER weird lately. And she's been a jerk. AWESOME.
17. I've typed in caps waaayy too much today.
18. My hair is in braids. I look 12.
19. Yesterday a customer said I look dark, like a twilight girl.
20. I've never read or seen Twilight.

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Posted: 02 Feb 2012 10:49 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. It's been over a year since I posted on 20 Facts.
2. I just got a Pinterest account and am addicted.
3. I love home renovation shows on HGTV.
4. I'm 22 years old but don't let that fool you.
5. My fiance and I are moving in to a big new townhouse in 7 days. We're incredibly excited to have a home office and double the living space we have now.
6. It has a huge kitchen. We won't have to keep our pots and pans in the linen closet anymore. (:
7. We have a pet guinea pig named Turbo.
8. I want to learn how to do woodworking and build my own furniture.
9. I've taken summer semester classes every summer since 2008.
10. I love tea, both hot and iced.
11. I have not had a female coworker in nearly 3 years.
12. I never want to live in a city.
13. I am fascinated by space exploration.
14. I'm graduating college only two weeks before my wedding.
15. I am the only person in my family who has not been to Italy. Jealous.
16. I love my natural hair color and will never dye it.
17. I have never worn skinny jeans.
18. I want to paint our new living room warm beige.
19. I rarely go on Facebook anymore.
20. I love going trail biking.
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Posted: 07 Feb 2012 10:35 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. I'm not very active on here anymore. :(
2. I'd have a 4.0 GPA if it weren't for AP World History.
3. I'm always dreading the summer because I don't want my boyfriend to leave for college.
4. I wish I could skip ahead two years and go straight to college. I'm gonna be a senior next year.
5. I'm obsessed with shopping.
6. I love nail polish. I'm always changing colors. Right now my nails are lavender.
7. Jersey Shore is on in the other room and it sounds hilariously bad.
8. For a while I had a Sims 3 obsession.
9. I am writing a poem per night. I'm pretty good at it now.
10. I want to major in Psychology someday.
11. I love listening to people and figuring them out.
12. Coconut is my favorite flavor in the world.
13. If I could shop at Urban Outfitters everyday, I would. But I'm not rich enough nor dumb enough to blow all my money there.
14. I often notice how desperate people are to surround themselves with friends and get noticed in high school.
15. I miss my old Tumblr, but I got annoyed with all the sappy posts.
16. Like seriously. Everyone on Tumblr always posts stuff like, "You asked me where I got these scars. I smiled and said I fell. If only you knew the pain I feel." Why on Earth would you post that for the world to see?
17. I guess I'm in a ranting mood lol.
18. I get lost in Forever 21. I could shop there for hours.
19. I'm pretty fascinated with Computer Science. I was working with Java at age 8 because I wanted to self teach myself everything my dad knew about computers. I wish I stuck to that.
20. Groucho Marx is so cool.
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Posted: 07 Feb 2012 10:43 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. I just turned 25 last week.
2. I have 2 older half brothers, 1 older half sister, 1 older half brother in law, and 2 younger half sisters.
3. I have a nephew named Phoenix who is a precious littl infant and a sorta nephew (friends baby) named Lucas.
4. I love my little cousins.
5. I have strep throat with lots of symptoms and it sucks.
6. I only have 1 class and an internship left until I graduate college.
7. I love purple.
8. I love NASCAR.
9. I love football go Giants and Steelers.
10. I want to move to North Carolina someday.
11. I want to be a NASCAR announcer or PR.
12. I have the best friends ever.
13. I really need a new laptop, but can't afford it.
14. I love music.
15. I love the internet.
16. I love movies and tv.
17. I'm addicted to facebook, but can't keep up with everyone.
18. My comforter is so cozy.
19. This weekend is gonna stink being sick and no sports.
20. I love my family.
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