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Posted: 27 Sep 2012 07:22 AM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. Im Ari, im short AS ever.
2. I love pickles.
3. I live in Pittsburgh.
4. Today I am wearing heels. Why I am not sure.
5. I love dogs, my dog Whitley passed away back in February.
6. I don't like hot weather.
7. I have a boyfriend, were not getting along really.
8. I'm listening to theory of a deadman.
9. Right now im on my way to school
10. I turn 17 im two days. Just another day to me.
11. I haven't seen my mom in months.
12. I wear size 7.
13. I graduate this year.
14. I wake up to stupify and paper thin hymn on ny alarm.
15. I want to go to college.
16. I hate the name Chris and Liz.
17. I like suduko.
18. It's 7:21 am.
19. Im chubby.
20. Im going to my drivers test in October. :)
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Posted: 03 Oct 2012 07:54 AM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. i'm amelia.
2. never call me amelia or i will kick you :-) i always, always, ALWAYS go by amy. i get pretty mad when people call me by my full name, even my mom when she's being fully serious.
3. i live in sacramento.
4. i have terrible sleeping patterns. i think i might have insomnia, but honestly it's probably just the internet that keeps me awake at night.
5. my favorite bands are all time low, my chemical romance, there for tomorrow and bullet for my valentine.
6. i have one dog and five cats.
7. i graduate high school this year and hope to go to college.
8. i speak varying amounts of italian, spanish and korean. i wouldn't say i'm fluent or even able to hold up a conversation but i'm still learning.
9. i'm beginning to run out of things to say.
10. i turn 18 in february next year, however i look like i'm about 14. i hate it so much.
11. i have a quite sick sense of humor.
12. i'm rather short but i'm taller than most of my friends.
13. i have one brother and two sisters, who are all older than me and no longer live in the city. they've all moved away.
14. my brother's fiance is pregnant and is due in february next year, which means i'm going to be an aunt!
15. i have my own car and i love it to pieces.
16. i actually work pretty hard at school. it's draining sometimes but i put in the effort and get grades i'm happy with.
17. i visit australia quite often, 2-3 times a year.
18. when people ask me if i'm a dog or cat person, i really can't decide. i like both an equal amount.
19. my best friend is an exchange student in denmark right now and i really miss him.
20. i almost just deleted this whole post accidentally. i would have been pretty sad if that happened. peace out.

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Posted: 07 Oct 2012 01:40 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. I'm Sasha.
2. I've with my boyfriend, Gary, for just over 10 months.
3. I'm having a baby, I'm due June 11, 2013.
4. I love murder mystery books and tv shows.
5. I love texting, but hate talking on the phone.
6. I'm 24 years old.
7. I've lived in Arkansas, for almost 2 years.
8. My favorite color is purple.
9. I'm going to college for Child Studies.
10. I have a dog named Bambi, and two cats named Fluffy and Seraph.
11. I drive a Red Oldsmobile Alero.
12. I work as a customer service rep for AT&T.
13. I love movie nights.
14. My favorite food is BBQ Chicken Wings.
15. I could almost survive off Hot Pockets and Mountain Dew.
16. I love to read.
17. Music keeps me sane.
18. Coloring is a good pass time.
19. My favorite number is 21.
20.I dislike Milk.
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Posted: 12 Oct 2012 01:18 AM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. I don't mind picking my nose when no one is around.
2. I love reading Sarah Dessens books.
3. I have blue eyes, they turn gray though too.
4. I make wishes with my eyelashes.
5. Sex with Nick makes me feel happy or depressed sometimes.
6. I reside in 412.
7. I like being warm.
8. I have a really uncomfortable and springy bed.
9. I live in an apartment.
10. I used to have a cat and dog.
11. My bedroom has writing on the walls.
12. I am looking forward to this year ending.
13. I am taking my drivers test soon.
14. I like talking dirty in bed.
15. I wear black a lot.
16. I smoke everyday.
17. This is how old I am.
18. I want to have a baby.
19. I love iced tea.
20. I live with my dad.
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Posted: 12 Oct 2012 01:19 AM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. I didn't know Sasha was pregnant, congrats!
2. This is the third time I've attempted to do this 20 facts thing tonight.
3. Cats keep getting on my porch and scaring me into a mini heart attack.
4. Dinah wasn't a fan of it either.
5. I started crying because I remember the first time I was scared someone was on my porch. And I called someone. And the police. I just...I can't.
6. I think I was in sort of a really deep depression this last month.
7. But I've felt better this last week. I kind of made myself. I guess.
8. I don't know. I just try to be cheerful cause no one wants to be around someone gloomy all the time. Debbie Downers are no fun.
9. And then by being cheerful (er), I have more fun at work/with people and that makes me not hate life so much.
10. I want to go back to college for Psychology but to actually practice you have to have a Masters degree and I'm not that into school, guys. I don't want to go for 4 or more years.
11. But I want to do something meaningful for a career. Not just be a cashier forever.
12. I'm going to Florida in December. I'm pretty excited.
13. I haven't been to Florida in like 5 years. More? I don't know. That's a long time anyway.
14. My favorite show right now is Parenthood. I started watching it on Netflix and now I'm hooked. I'm on season 3.
15. I think I messed something up somehow. But I don't know how cause he won't talk to me. I think it was a picture. I don't know. :/
16. I'm on tumblr. I'm bored and don't want to go to sleep.
17. I want to stay up late and get up with the sunrise. And then take a nap before work.
18. Maybe I'll switch to night stock at work. Or frozen. I don't know.
19. My feet are kinda numb. And I'm sort of getting a headache now from crying earlier.

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Posted: 12 Oct 2012 03:52 AM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. Im short.
2. I love spaghetti.
3. When I get hickeys I get turned on.
4. Facebook in my eyes ruins a lot of things, well that's an opinion not fact. Lol
5. I have naturally dirty blonde hair.
6. Im a city girl.
7. My school is in one of the worst neighborhoods.
8. I don't understand math unless you sit there with me for awhile.
9. I wrap my hair in a towel after a shower.
10. I like doing my make up.
11. My room is small.
12. I have clothes thrown everywhere.
13. I like the color green.
14. Being generous is my specialty.
15. I used to be an alter girl.
16. I was actually doing a funeral when I puked in the vestibule...yuck!
17. I like smoking weed.
18. I will be 18 next year.
19. I hate deadbeats.
20. It's 3:52 AM
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Posted: 27 Oct 2012 02:37 AM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. I re-read my 20 Facts posts from a few years ago only to remember how much more eventful my life was when I was in college.
2. I also recall Bzoink being much more active back then. /:
3. I rarely drink soda. The longer I go without drinking it, the less I like it.
4. I'm sad that the trees are already past their prime fall colors. I wish my favorite season lasted longer.
5. I love anything cable-knit. Sweaters, blankets, pillows... anything.
6. I think I have a vitamin B12 deficiency but I'm taking tablets now.
7. My husband used to be my former manager and flight instructor before we started dating.
8. I love trying new foods.
9. I'm the only female employee at my workplace but I've gotten so used to it over the years that I don't notice it anymore.
10. I'm working on redecorating the dining room.
11. It took me four years of year-round non-stop school for me to finish my bachelor's degree. The longest break I ever had was five weeks one winter.
12. My parent's 30th wedding anniversary is next month.
13. I'm very arachnophobic.
14. I don't believe astrology is factual, not one bit.
15. I won't wear an item of clothing if it is too tight or even the least bit uncomfortable.
16. I "shut down" if my level of stress gets too high.
17. I've never done drugs.
18. I lose track of time easily.
19. I can trace my ancestry back to the year 6 A.D.
20. Hiking and trail biking are my two favorite hobbies.
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Posted: 28 Oct 2012 08:13 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. I'm sitting in Nicks basement just typing away.
2. I don't like rainy days when you have to walk somewhere.
3. I am hard on myself because I don't think I'm going to mount to anything.
4. I take birth control, just to be safe...but what people don't know is...I hardly take them anymore.
5. I've done this 20 facts so many times. It's ridiculous.
6. I'm obsessed with changing my socks when they don't feel right on my feet.
7. I date someone who has a child, but not to me.
8. I want to get engaged in a year or two.
9. I love pitt bulls.
10. I put ketchup on just about everything I eat.
11. I have dry skin.
12. I have three siblings.
13. I live in the city.
14. I have a permit.
15. I like to read teen fiction.
16. My hair is up in a bun right now.
17. I am this old.
18. Sept I turn 18.
19. My dad is 47 years old.
20. I love cuddling to keep warm.
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