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Favourite book
zoe123 458
What do you prefer for women?
smoochyboss123 20
Who's The Hottest FEMALE Celeb?
briv6661 45
Dream Trip
cargofever1 40
HoW oLd ArE yOu?????
shaz247 112
For Guys
julalva 25
You have to answer this
angel-eyes06 34
ieatpopsickles 3
OneTheDarkSide: ZodiacSigns
mx3 36
ana-iheartvolcom 23
j-will 30
~ WHaT KinD oF MuSiC Do YoU LiSteN To? ~
lilmama402 56
cheer a sport?
missyishere 51
Best feature in a girl???
mikesgirl1012002 29
Looks or personality
Brownsug 107
Sexy Eyes
jcierra 51
What do you think about me
superlenia 19
**How do u greet?**
clobear23 98
Should She
prynsmilezz 20
baby names
crimsongodess16 174
rosieandjim 44
wHAt Am i?
billabongbabejj 19
Best car company
Sexy-Hick 36
NEVER take this poll!!!!!
impsyco 22
Who is the best band?
gd-mcr-fan 41
which guy do u want(girlz only)
snowboard 18
lokaflaca13 15
Too Fine Poll
roxychild95 20
Best New School Artist
misschris 14
What you thing about ME!
aviad 18
wut do u like
cweetsugar92 16
Best Disney Duo
melissiaruby 8
raynelle28 17
John Paul Jones' Best Song
jfitzGDS 15
weirdest name
lolaloladixon 25

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