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Favourite book
zoe123 316
Best Boy Name
courtcourt1769 32
Which Band is the Best
Crystal673 85
Green Day!
hiiiiiiiiii 27
myspace or msn
mermer01 29
Which Zodiac Element Are You?
rockcandy 222
girls names
polkadotbikini41 118
chrissy136 20
boomerj 17
babiashmoe 42
A question for girls
natetrain 287
**** absoultely do not take this poll ****
shorty1995 29
How many have experienced heartbreak?
italianboriqua 168
How do you respond to telemarketers?
lovexhurts133038 52
Whos the hottest....
cguard1681 47
chrissy136 34
Important question!!! I must know the answer!!!
iheartsilverchair 289
tonsoffun702 52
What The Hell Is Wrong With Freedom?
applesxandxoranges 72
whats sucks more?
superfly360 47
which singer do you like the most
biebergirl19 14
What kind of relashionship are you in?
simplyoriginal 250
xxemotionshidexx 21
Simple Plan
tusha 29
Cross dressing
daleks11 19
AFI Songs
pogofreak22 40
Dumb can be Numb
dream-eyes 38
& I don't think I can live my life without you
xchristinaloux 23
Girlz Only
hworang22 39
Flightless Polls: Slash
FlightlessTan 52
Which actor is hotter
ilovegearldmintz 33
best movie ever
chaotic-fairy 157
nancy-princess 19
Where would you rather be?
destinyxcalls 40
Tyler Kyte or Kristopher Turner
mmaj 22

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