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best body part
kornrulesdude 59
vladimirtod 42
Twilight Saga
aria97 11
age of first kiss
carnellsgirl92 66030
How do you feel about smoking?
cottoncandipixie 41
how old are you?
chicagogirl101 37
symphonyforthedevil 273
Who's The Hottest??
football1523bball 17
what do you hate more?
jrd310 114
The School Poll
corbinishott 98
What would you do....
littlehobbit002 30
What would u do w/ me?
dpjc07 89
who is better
kiwis106 15
Supernatural (Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalaki)?
elliottxexheart 94
Is abortion okay?
smileyfce00 84
Batman or Superman
midnight-life 145
I'm going out with a guy who lives 1.5 hours away.. So.. Does long distance work?
stardrops-xo 55
Which Book Sounds Interesting?
dishwallafied 31
sexychica2oo6 57
Your status right now?
alyssazambo 23
natalie-noel 24
What website do you mostly visit
jillkara 25
i am a banana
pianoprincessemster 70
Do you Believe in Signs?
Electrikc 62
Ice cream!
CrimsonCruelty 48
What Sport is best to watch on TV?
lorenza20 57
What is the best hair color for a guy? (Girls only)
alexbobalix 11
What Would U Rather Be Called?
pinayhawtie07 409
cats or dogs??
hayleelynn91 34
Favorite Move?
xxchicaxx 12
*x- what is your favorite season -x*
musiclover58304 26
What size Tshirt do you wear???
foureyedmonsters 14
traviekellman 22
Ladies shaving
carriejones2018 9
A question for girls
natetrain 291

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