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What is your favorite time and place?
helenwestgathering 0
What is your favorite hobby or interest?
helenwestgathering 0
What is your primary ethnicity?
helenwestgathering 0
What is your favorite kind of music?
helenwestgathering 0
Holidays 2017
lilprincess 2
Favorite Kpop Boy Band?
tae-sthetic-bri 1
What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
pinkmittens8 3
Rock, Paper, Scissors
pinkmittens8 6
That 70's Show
pinkmittens8 3
pinkmittens8 5
Your birth
carriejones20 7
Celebrity Deaths
carriejones20 4
carriejones20 5
carriejones20 3
carriejones20 3
carriejones20 3
Your kindness
carriejones20 5
Equal Rights
carriejones20 2
What are you most afraid of?
carriejones20 3
Who is Jesus?
nonconformer 4
Who's the best man in Bungou Stray Dogs?
victoria-uchiha1 0
Work Day
pinkmittens8 5
Coca Cola
pinkmittens8 6
The X-Men
pinkmittens8 3
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
pinkmittens8 3
pinkmittens8 7
Johnny Depp Movies
pinkmittens8 4
Favorite Netflix TV Show
pinkmittens8 3
kellyburnsred 11
Donuts or bagels
kellyburnsred 10
Parental Status
kellyburnsred 9
kellyburnsred 5
How long is it until your birthday
kezzievanescence 10
Valentine's Day
lilprincess 4
2016 Deaths
lilprincess 7
superwhostar 4
What do you like more Disney or Dreamworks?
lightyagami 7
Guys!! What is a good gift for a guy?
ladidodii 5
Empire Vs. Power
simonesykes 3
Normal or Imitated
johndoe199143 19
What's your favourite anime?
phandaredhetastuck 2
U.S. Elections
lilprincess 7
Girl Names
kellyburnsred 8
Favorite tv show
arianator4life 2
mrpigeonbreath 3
Do you want to get married?
kezzievanescence 15
Do you have a job?
kezzievanescence 12
Are you lactose intolerant?
kezzievanescence 8
Favorite Star Wars Character?
steelfox725 7
Favorite Star Wars movie
steelfox725 4