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The EXACT Name of your future husband/wife(VERY ACCURATE)
kekepalmerfan12 20142
How and When will YOU die?
andy 1051453
The Name Of The Guy/Girl You Will Marry
sarah-da-superstar 17945
Which Full House Character Are You Most Like
puppyxoxlove 89
infogenius 441427
wat age will u get preganant?
t0404 493
Gay test! You ...Could Be Gay!
dragen 1197
Crush Calculator
dancer4u2l4e 84876
What will be the first letter of the person you marry?
mineofGod 619503
MySpace Name Generator
xx1blondehuny1xx 22960
H O W M U C H M O N E Y W i L L Y O U M A K E T H i S M O N T H ? <3
firedancer4 400
WHich Linkin Park Member will you marry?
braddelsonsgrl1 661
Create an RP Character
fiona0011 35
Fall in Love with the Night...Do you wish to become a vampire?
isis2197 254
Let ME tell YOU about YOUR death...
infogenius 561
quiiz :)
ericknapp 181
Underwear and Gay Quiz
billybob100 340
are u going to live happily ever after?
tigerlillies 83
Your WWE Life
sliced-bread-no2 453
What soda are you?
clobear23 44
Which hakuouki guy will you marry?
szayelislove 3155
who will u marry (first name only)
mizzou95 15835
Which member of the rolling stones are you??
sae-ruh-roxs 429
tAkE dIs
sadiedebarge 75
What is the name of your soul mate?
amandarocks743 26270
Date and reason of your Death
tobbed 251
Your emo boyfriend/girlfriend
splendid 671

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