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Title Stars Author # Served
The EXACT Name of your future husband/wife(VERY ACCURATE)
kekepalmerfan12 33424
The Name Of The Guy/Girl You Will Marry
sarah-da-superstar 21553
What will be the first letter of the person you marry?
mineofGod 620078
dares and underwear for boys
chubs 311
Who is your future girlfriend?
lilfresh1 690
Punk Rock Nicknames(Girls)
punkrocksurveys 7888
Your Life at Hogwarts
lilycl0ud 593
How Many Children Will You Have?
concertchoirbabe 12936
What is the first letter of the person who LOVES you?
letmeloveyou 16797
xmaajja 449
happy valentines day
roselins 248
r ur friends for real(do they really like u)
yummy7711 242
ignore it
wishnstars14 60
Your Cartoon Name
tk30 1832
queen-amidala 235
Get A Kewl Streetball Name!!!
bballa1831 2465
audrak 648
My Type of Guy
gothonkei 415
what breed of dog are you?
benji101 39
Super Cool Nickname Generator For Girls!
chrissymas63 127491
how corny is this
kklmkgrl 69
Zatch Bell Character Quiz
bloo55555 53
Your future
hustler5553 122
Random stuff about you
okellies 389
littlemssixty 56
You will Be...
gingerlover14 168
Do you eat too much?
iwannabeakennedy 212
What avenged Sevenfold Song are you?
dnaps 204
is he right for you?
bananaphone 63187
Soirée avec le clan de Chame
shewolf 16
Wacky cucumbers make serene pickles!
RandomNutter 252
r u hott ?
emmajane14 136
Fart Generater
atrocia 67
edudtellublil80 247
How and When will YOU die?
andy 1053565

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