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Author: qliner11
Created: April 18, 2012
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What will my INSANE teacher call you?

Created by qliner11

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1. Is my teacher crazy?

2. Do you like school?

3. What are you best at in school?

4. What are your usual grades?

5. Do you push a joke too far?

6. Do you chew gum in school?

7. Why are you in school?

8. Do you wear you're school uniform?

9. Do you fall asleep in class?

10. What would you do if you saw a kid paint another kids face?

11. Do you often get in trouble?

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Par alfabēta.

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i am a rock tumbler, i've got rocks inside my head..

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They rip the wings out from their backs..

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Be careful what you do before a lie becomes the truth.

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answer these questions using the first letter of your name!.

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