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Author: qliner11
Created: May 6, 2012
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Quiz for the bored

Created by qliner11

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1. What's your favourite color?

2. What's your favourite type of music?

3. Which movie do you like more?

4. Nicki Manaj or Rihanna?

5. Do you like 1D?

6. Do you like Justin Bieber?

7. Do you like Miley Cyrus?

8. Do you like LMFAO?

9. The Simpsons or South Park?

10. Have you seen the Hunger Games?

11. Are you bored?

12. What do you hate?

13. Are you in heaven or hell at the moment?

14. What do you want more?

15. Do you find Disney channel annoying?

16. Do you have an iPhone?

17. Magicians or Hipmitists?

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