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Author: kessmemaybe
Created: March 9, 2014
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How well do you know the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Created by kessmemaybe

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1. Who is the coach of the Leafs?

2. Who is the captain of the Leafs?

3. Who is the General Manager of the Leafs?

4. What is the name of their arena?

5. How long was the previous playoff drought?

6. Who's number did they most recently honor?

7. What do they call the area just west of the arena?

8. The two Leafs goalies are...

9. The AHL affiliate team is the...

10. How many times did Tim Horton win the Stanley Cup with the Leafs?

11. Where was James Reimer born?

12. Phil Kessel's nationality?

13. Who missed the high-sticking call in 1993 versus L.A in the playoffs?

14. Most historic rivarly is with the...

15. Who is on the top line? (2013/2014)

16. As of February 2013, what is Nazem Kadri's nickname?

17. How many cups have the Leafs won?

18. Where is Mats Sundin from?

19. The Leafs ended the playoff drought after clinching the playoffs on....

20. What nickname does James Reimer prefer?

21. On HBO 24/7, what did David Clarkson accuse Todd Bertuzzi of doing?

22. Who was involved in the James van Riemsdyk trade?

23. Finish this quote from the song "Out For A Rip":

24. The Leafs have not won the cup since..

25. What is Phil Kessel's middle name?

26. Last question. In Round 1 of the 2013 playoffs, what did Leafs fans chant to mock Bruins fans?

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