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Author: swatts404
Created: September 6, 2014
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How ATL are you???

Created by swatts404

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1. If you wanted to take pictures with your homeboy or homegirl what did you do?

2. When it was time to go back to school or Easter time. Where did you do most of your shopping?

3. When on Marta and needed to go to westbound to the end of the line? What stop was that?

4. When you wanted shoes that everyone didn\'t have? Where did you go?

5. If you wanted Gold Teeth who did you have to go see?

6. Which Mayor shut down Freaknic

7. What park would you go to on Sunday just to ride around to be seen?

8. Where did the Falcons and Braves Play before the Georgia Dome and Turner Field

9. Who did more for the city as a professional athlete

10. Finish this line and tell me what they was talking about: We caught that 86 Lithonia headed to __________?

11. What club did we go to but never went in, just drove around and it burned down?

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