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Author: elenamart
Created: September 12, 2014
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Do chu know me?

Created by elenamart

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1. What's my favorite color?

2. Who's my favorite singer?

3. What's the name of my cat?

4. Who's my fictional crush(es)?

5. What's the name of my first oc?

6. Selena, my oc, use to date one of these characters, who?

7. Which cat was my first pet?

8. What was the name of my early Fan Fiction?

9. Which story did I make, is the longest?

10. Selena has different sides of her, what are they?

11. Who's my BEST friend on Instagram

12. Tricky: What will be the name of my oc's child?

13. What do I mostly say?

14. How many contests did I make on Instagram?

15. How old am I?

16. Which emoji do I not like using?

17. Which friend of mine is CRAZY?

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