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Author: chcknmr
Created: April 28, 2015
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Which Penguin Are You?

Created by chcknmr

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1. What sounds most enjoyable to you?

2. Your afraid of?

3. If you travel back in time you want to?

4. Things you want to achieve in life.

5. What do you dislkie the most?

6. Which meal sounds best?

7. Who did you like best as a female?

8. Whose your fav villian?

9. Whats your favorite catch phrase?

10. How would you tease king julien?

11. Who do you wanna date if given the chance?

12. Who would you least likely date if forced to date 1/4?

13. Who needs a bigger backstory/more episodes of them?

14. Who didn\'t deserve many episodes?

15. Who should be noticed 1st by Alice for having left the habitat without permission?

16. Whose got too much air in the head?

17. Whose got the best sounding voice?

18. Whose 2nd best sounding voice?

19. Whose 3rd best?

20. Least Favorite Villian?

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