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Author: colinb
Created: October 14, 2015
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How much are you like me?

Created by colinb

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1. Do you like cats?

2. Are you religious?

3. Did you do well in school?

4. Do you like sprorts?

5. Do you like reading?

6. Do you like gory movies/animes/video games/television shows?

7. Do you believe in/trust/follow horoscopes?

8. Do you believe in the posibility of alien life in the universe?

9. Are you for or against gay rights/marriage etc.?

10. Do you worry about the environment/pollution/over population?

11. How do you feel about Pokemon?

12. Do you enjoy playing computer/video games?

13. Do you like your job?

14. Do you smoke?

15. Are you afraid of spiders and or snakes?

16. Have you ever been sexually involved with another man or woman?

17. Ice, snow, cold temperatures and shortdaylight hours. Yes, I'm talking about winter.

18. Where would you most like to live?

19. Do you listen to/like music?

20. What pair of colors do you like best?

21. What sort of girl/boyfriend would you like the most?

22. What'll you have for dinner?

23. Do you drink alcohol?

24. Do/did you hate going to school?

25. Do you have many friends?

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