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Author: momimochi
Created: May 5, 2020
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What J-Fashion Style Suits You?

Created by momimochi

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1. What’s your favorite color palette?

2. What do you value most in fashion?

3. Pick a Drink

4. Pick a Dessert

5. What Type of Music Do You Enjoy Most?

6. Pick a Japanese Kanji

7. What Era of Fashion Would You Want to Wear Most?

8. Adopt a Pet!

9. Movie Night! Pick a Disney Film

10. Movie #2! Time For a Ghibli Film!

11. What\'s a Must-Have Accessory for You?

12. Pick a Planet

13. What Would You Like To Do On Your Day Off?

14. Where Would You Buy Your Clothes?

15. Favorite Month of the Year?

16. What Words Describe You?

17. What\'s Your Bedroom Like?

18. Pick a K.K. Slider Song