50 Brand New Quizzes

Title Stars Author Times Taken
Pussy or Penis?
sexybitch911 82
Which redneck is right for Kara?
leemcha 10
Directioner Quiz
helloworlditsmeagain 20
IQ Test!
emznxis 101
Do you know me at all? (A test of your ability)
johnkasperr 22
Are you a good person?
emznxis 78
What age do you act?
emznxis 121
How well do you know the Toronto Maple Leafs?
kessmemaybe 8
Which hockey player is right for you?
kessmemaybe 24
Who is your Vampire Diaries soul mate? (Girls Only)
emznxis 42
Which legendary rapper are you?
puppetcruncher 88
What Horse Breed are you?
asdfghjklasdfghjkl 75
Are You My Type? (Boys Only)
xxdark-angelxx 76
Are you ready to tell him you love him?
xxkayluh 41
What kind of Sandwich are you?
shelbylovestyler 131
which disney princess are you?
honeyfern7 111
Which Main Holdiday Are You?
xxdark-angelxx 92
What's You're Zodiac Sign?
dracoboy2916 109
What Element are you?
dracoboy2916 155
Which Disney Princess are you?
dracoboy2916 160
What Disney Hero are you?
dracoboy2916 70
What's Your Social Status?
kaleswhales 129
Are you a Fall Out Boy fan?
xoxdarknessxox 37
Homewrecker or dream wife? (girls only)
xoxdarknessxox 144
Big Bang Theory Show Trivia
kaleswhales 59
Which NES Hero are You?
supercell 47
the police
dolphinlover88 40
What Job Would Best it You?
shelbylovestyler 183
Music: How Much Do You Really Know?
twilightlover1234 60
Who is for you: Jacob Black, or Edward Cullen?
twilightlover1234 58
How much do you know about Family Guy?
shelbylovestyler 88
How well do you know The Breakfast Club?
dinosaurrawrturtle 62
Movie Genres: Choose Your Favorite Movies
shelbylovestyler 128
Does Cthulhu Love You?
lovecrafter 42
Would we be compatible?
xmusicxisxlifex 83
What Halloween Monster Are You?
thetrollfacegirl 125
Would you be my friend?
dwarvenelephant 93
Girly girl or tom boy?
lolly4 177
Could We Be Friends?
emily006 120
R u fine as wine
djanette 104
Which Random Household Object Are You?
shelbylovestyler 169
Which Horror Movie Killer Are You?
shelbylovestyler 236
teen music rock star
schoolbieber 62
do you know every thing about your boyfriend academy girlfriend
samuelwhite97 57
Are you a real bass player??
harryiscool 37
Which Legendary Pokemon Are You?
epicguitar 1030
Would I date you( girls only
harryiscool 335
Would I date you?
awesomeninja 184
Could we be lovers?
strawberryavalanche 218
What Is Your Future? (Girls Only)
neonee 281

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I never knew regret before; now she wants to be my friend..

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You're the one thing that means something..

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No-one can win or lose, so why must we play this game?.

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Sweet Randomness..

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Give me hand grenades, give me razor blades, give me anything to make the pain go away..

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