Hidden Place

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Introduction A 13 - Year old girl named Isobel who resides in Portishead,Somerset with her Mother, Isobel's parent's divorced 3 years ago her Father resides in Tahiti she visits him usually around the summertime and receives postcards from him on/off seasonally. Isobel's life is very solitary so she has a friend named William who has a secret that he has not told her about his friendship is all she really has to get by.

Chapter 1 - Unravel

I never want to say Goodbye will i have to say Goodbye?, no Isobel you won't. Do you promise? yes i promise now get some sleep now. Isobel blows at her vanilla scented candle her father sent to her last year the scent flourishes through the air waltzing it's way to the ceiling ascending and descending Isobel falls asleep.


Isobel is running through a field of flowers as the sky keeps shaking, WILLIAM! where are you? William! she searches for him but he still is not in sight she keeps running as the sky keeps rumbling William please answer me! she finds a stone and underneath William is sitting looking out towards a plain; William... Isobel says in a calm voice didn't you hear me calling you? yes i did but i couldn't respond William says in a serious voice why not? don't you see what's happening * Isobel looks up at the sky* no, no i don't at all....William turns to her and says this is the e___.

*a final boom sound is made and everything fades to black*

Isobel shouts

Mrs. Antebellum stops writing on the board and glares at Isobel
is something the matter Ms.Gray?

startled by where she finds her self Isobel slowly responds ye...ye....yes Mrs.Antebellum

see me after class Mrs.Antebellum whispers loud enough for her to hear
Isobel puts her head down as some of her classmates let out bee sounding snickers

Mrs.Antebellum continues the lesson shortly after the bell rings, Isobel seats with her head still down as her mind continuously wonders as to what she encountered a few minutes ago as all her classmates are dashing out of class
She then looks up and stares out the window into the field that resembled where she was.

Mrs.Antebellum shuts the door walks in a empty rows and sits in a desk across from Isobel,Isobel is aware but refuses to make eye contact Is everything okay at home?
Yes Isobel says softly Have you been able to sleep at night? Yes…..Isobel hesitatingly says

Because you know if something is bothering you, can come talk to me or the school counselor I’m going to be late for Art class….Isobel says skipping the subject
I can write you a note Mrs.Antebellum gets up walks over to her desk and opens the chestnut wood draw and reaches for an orange piece of paper looks up at the clock and fills it out

Isobel finally rises silently from her desk gathering her belongings she walks over to Mrs.Antebellum’s desk as she rips off the note and hands it too Isobel
Who takes it slowly but fast enough and turns towards the door twisting the Knob
Oh and by the way Ms.Gray Isobel pauses at the door with her right hand on the knob
Who is William? The door shuts Walking swiftly down the hallway with her books almost engraved to her chest And her bottom lip tucked in her mouth

Isobel goes down a set of stairs that leads her to a girl’s bathroom on the left-hand side she enters checking the stalls hoping for them to be all vacant which they all were except for one Which opened out came Ingrid wood a petite tall girl with Blue and Black Locks wearing Aviator glasses a black studded leather jacket and a ripped dingy black skirt with combat boots

Isobel backed away almost bumping into the wall
Ingrid started washing her hands her nails were painted bright neon green she quickly dried her hands Checked her self in the mirror with her sunglasses still on and then walked away in a graceful march glancing at Isobel one time then heading out the door.

Isobel checked all the stalls again for vacancy which they were she locked the girl’s bathroom door and sat her books on the floor and sat in a corner she opened up one of the books that was a small black book with a white rose and blood dripping down on it she took out a pen from her coat pocket opened up the book went to the first empty page and began to write:

Dear, Prescilla

I know it’s been 5 years since you been gone but I remember you telling me if I ever wanted to say something that felt Really important to me to let it be heard and not to cast it away in the depths of my mind because it would surely travel and get lost in me but yet remind me that it does exist, you said I could always tell you know matter how bizarre or absurd it maybe you would listen and that when the time comes when you are gone you would still listen but only if I write it to you like a letter….sometimes I wish I could have gone with you even though that means I’d probably never come back I wouldn’t mind as long as that meant me always being with you.

I’m 13 now I’m in Middle school it’s a lot different something I’m not really use to yet Ingrid isn’t my friend anymore She dresses differently and hangs with Holly and Dean I never knew one summer could completely change a person until now Mom and Dad are no longer together so much for till death do us part I don’t know what happened really they were both so happy we all were but then I guess money got jealous of our happiness and tore my parents apart but not me I’m still in the middle I love them both and I always will like they should love each other but it’s all in the past now.
Nothing I can do about it now except just live my own life until I grow up something that both frightens and excites me

I’m not sure why maybe just mixed feelings and such I remember you telling me how you were quite excited to grow up but once you did, all you could think about was wanting to be little again I understand what you meant now things were more delightful back then it’s like everything that you came to know just turns instantly unpleasant.
And you just want to forget to no longer remember but accept the things for what they are and move on even though it isn’t easy, it’s never easy but I guess it isn’t for a reason.

On the Brightside I have one friend his name is William he has red hair and muddy brown eyes he’s very tall and he talks to me about things that I either ask about or wants to tell me about he is very nice it’s just that every time I am with him it feels like a D___.

*2 Loud Knocks*
Isobel quickly gets up as she absent mindly forgot she was still in the girl’s bathroom at school she gathers all her Things and rises to her feet she opens the door
A chubby girl with brown hair is standing in the doorway and says you’re not royalty locking bathrooms all to yourself your no pre Madonna!

She bumps into Isobel barging her way into the bathroom Isobel lightly murmurs I never said I was and neither are you What was that!? Isobel shockingly pauses

I…said that you wouldn’t want to use the last stall it’s not flushing properly I learned that the hard way Isobel walks off fast dashing down another set of stairs not looking back she gets to a corner of a hallway

Slightly out of breath her heart pounding just a little she Opens up the book she was writing in and writes.

You’re Granddaughter Isobel


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thank you c:, and you totally should go for it.

Feb 25, 2011 10:11am


This is good, I might put up a story soon.

Feb 25, 2011 12:58am


I'll try to work on writing more.

Feb 24, 2011 3:53pm


More, please!

Feb 24, 2011 7:18am

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