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Chapter 1 - Happy-for now

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'I know he likes me, he told me in history and he knows I like him! So why won't he ask me out?' I sighed at my friend, Alena. She stuck yet another donut in her mouth.
' give him some time he's a man! Why do you even like him? You can have any guy in the school yet you go for the nerd!' Alena looked at me with her fat face. I could have any friends in the school and she was my friend... I don't know why I'm. Asking her advice, she's never had a boyfriend anyway.
'Should I ask him out then?' I tapped my manicured nails on the bench, a sweaty by passed me leaving the smell behind.
'no! China! He's bad news! Go with Blake, he's fancied you for ages' Alena screwed her nose up, Blake was a typical jock, sports gear and a cheerleader by his side, and he wants me to be his cheerleader.
'just forget it... No one will ask me out and I'll die with 72 cats' I strutted off to the music department toilets. Singing always helped me feel better

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