Basics of color schemes for kitchen remodeling!

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Introduction Having good color scheme is significant at the time of kitchen remodeling as it plays an important role in setting up our mood. With good shades you can have a lively and good looking kitchen area. In contrast to that, choosing a wrong color scheme can be quite harmful as well.

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Color has great influence of the mood. It has been proved that red is one color that contributes to healthy appetite and increased breathing. Yellow color mainly soft yellow makes a person feel happier. By using yellow color inside the kitchen, you can provide a brighter look as well as make the interior design gorgeous. The right color combination can also make the kitchen look spacious.

As colors play an important role in renovation the professionals have now started providing good color schemes for countertops, floors and fixtures. A few such colors which you can opt for include that of pink, blue, yellow and at times brown. The trend of kitchen colors has been changing day in day out. Still there are a few combination which still are to be considered good.

From the many white is the one that is very famous selection. It is with this that your kitchen will appear to be clear. To accentuate this other colors like blue should be used for it. Having soft color curtains or then an oak flooring will surely give your house a very soothing look. You can keep a base color and add different colors to it in order to provide more emphasis to the interior design.

One of the very good ideas for colors that you can utilize for the kitchen remodeling is to split three colors in 60-30-10. You need to take one color that will be the main color which will be used for 60%. It might include wall paints and the cabinets. Next color used would be 30% and can be termed as secondary color. With this you can color the windows and flooring etc. Lastly it would be 10% that is the third color. All other remaining things like paint work, cushion and plates can be painted with this color.

Monochromatic color scheme is the one that will utilize only one color generally in cherry kitchen cabinets. You can go for some additional tones, gloom and hues in order to add more value to it.

Complementary color combos are one other option which can be used. In this style there would be two colors colored opposite to each other. It is with this that you can add extra elegance and positive energy to the kitchen area.

If you want to keep the design simple, you can go for neutral color mixture. Here you can have combination like white, black cream and few others. You can also include these colors in combination with a few others. These neutral finish colors are the best for cabinets because they are the ones which are generally a difficult part while renovation. You can also use this color in roof top as well as floors.


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