The Old Lady

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Chapter 1 - Rumors

The Anderson family had just moved onto Henson Street durring a blizzard. Kailey, Michael, and Billy needed to go to school the nexy day and frankly Bob and Laura were pooped from the long, harsh day of driving. After just sitting on the coach for about an hour, Bob heard a hard knock on the front door. Isn't there a blizzard outside?He thought. But Mr.Anderson answered the door anyways. It was a young lady with long caramel-colored hair, hazel eyes, and light freckles. She was a good size for her body and she just so happened to be holding a just-out-of-the-oven rasberry pie with cookies. "I see you just moved in."She said, thoughtfully. Bob nodded his head, "Yes, just about two or three hours ago." The young woman gave Bob the pie and cookies. "Here is a 'Welcome Gift' from all of Henson Road." Bob thanked her alot and she almost left. "Never go on that hill." She said. "What?"Bob wondered with sparkling eyes. "Never go on Henson Hill!"She repeated. Bob asked why. "Rumors say that and old lady, known as Old Lady Merial, lives on that hill. It is haunted. Old Lady Merial, *ahem*, the old lady is rumored to like haunting and she thinks that the ghosts are nice. We occasionally see her around but she always covers her body in a black hood. Us on Henson Road have gone on Henson Hill but..." "But what?"Bob asked. "They never came back."She ended. "Well have a nice day!"She said it like she didn't tell Bob anything. And Bob instantly went to warn Laura about Henson Hill.


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