Shadow in the Storm

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Introduction Shadow the cat is outside playing in the snow on Christmas night when a blizzard sinks in. Terrified, Shadow runs into the woods, where she must learn how to survive on her own. THIS IS PART 1. THERE IS GOING TO BE MORE PARTS COMING SOON. Preveiw of next part: PART 2. "Shadow!" A voice cried through the darkness. "Shadow!" It was Max and Sara, her old humans. Though they didn't know it, their beloved cat was sleeping behind the very tree the children were resting on. "Sara, Max!" Their mother called. "But, Mom! Shadow!" Max complained. "Tomorrow." His mother said firmly. "But-" Sara began. "Tomorrow."

Chapter 1

Shadow anxiously pawed at the door, waiting to be let out. HOW could humans be so slow? She wondered. Then, finally, the door creaked open, and Shadow raced outside into the snowy cold, a black streak of fur against the pale white snow. For hours Shadow leaped and frolicked among piles of snow, squeaking in surprise as a snowflake landed on top of her bright pink nose. Suddenly, there was a loud roll of thunder, and lightning flashed. Snow fell heavier than before, and soon Shadow was blinded by the cold. She raced out towards a dark splotch in her vision, and she realized that it was trees. Trees mean shelter, thought Shadow, as she collapsed among the roots of an old oak tree, its grand branched spread out protectively around her. Shadow fell asleep almost immediatly.


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Good beginning.

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