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Chapter 1

So there I was, resting in a soft, mossy nest in the middle of the forest. It was autumn. The forest ground was covered in leaves of every color. Trees towered above, their bare, stick-like branches reaching out in every direction. I was watching my friend Cookie practice her hunting skills on a leaf. “Don’t forget to lift up your tail!” I called to her. Cookie briefly nodded in my direction. She shifted her haunches, lifted her tail high and leaped. She pinned the leaf neatly to the ground. “Good job!” I complimented her. By the way, I am Storm. Cookie and I are cats, and we live here, in the forest, protected by the evergreen, underneath which we sleep.
When the sun had risen the next day, I woke Cookie up. “Let’s go find something to eat!” So off we went, deep into the forest where the mice had their dens and the birds had their nests. Immediately I spotted a mouse. I moved downwind of the creature and shifted my haunches, preparing to spring. Suddenly the wind changed direction. The mouse sniffed the air, and, catching my scent, raced off. It was fast, but I was faster. After I caught another mouse, I met Cookie back at the evergreen tree. I was pleased with her catch: two sparrows and a mouse. We each had a sparrow for breakfast and saved the mice for later. Then it was time for fighting practice!
With claws sheathed, I sprang at Cookie. She ducked, and jumped on my back. I rolled over, and began lightly pummeling her. With her hind legs, Cookie reared up, and batted my ear playfully. Finally I surrendered and we walked back to the nest, where we shared a mouse and groomed each other’s fur. Cookie dozed off first, and minutes later I followed.
I dreamt that a bear was attacking me and Cookie. I jumped on its back, and Cookie unsheathed her claws and sprang at it. Suddenly, I was thrown off its back. Winded, I could only watch helplessly as the bear charged at Cookie. Then I woke up.
I sprang up, claws unsheathed, ready to tackle the bear from my dreams. Seconds passed, and I realized that there was no bear, that I had just been dreaming. Phew! “What happened?” Cookie’s anxious meow brought me back to reality. “What? Oh, nothing. I just had a nightmare, that’s all.” I reassured her. “There’s no need to hunt for breakfast, we can have yesterday’s leftovers.” We each had a mouse, and afterwards we chatted, played and just had a good time in general. Suddenly Cookie tensed. “Fox!” she hissed.
Thinking fast, I sprang up the nearest tree. “What are you doing?” Cookie asked. I shushed her with a flick of my tail. As I crept soundlessly along the branch, a vast fox with dark, malevolent eyes leaped out of the bushes. I gasped quietly. This was Foxy, the worst fox in the forest. Foxy stopped at nothing to kill. Understanding dawned in Cookie’s eyes about what I was attempting to do. She distracted the fox, drawing it directly under my branch. I closed my eyes. Then I opened them. If my plan worked, the whole forest would be saved from the terrors of Foxy. If it failed, it would mean death for Cookie and me. On that happy note, I jumped off the branch… right onto Foxy’s back.
He yelped, trying desperately to tackle the creature that was using his back as a scratching post. Foxy snarled. I shredded his ear with a single stroke, then reached down and drew a bloody line from his nose to his remaining ear. But I was quickly tiring. I glanced at Cookie, but she was not faring so well. She had a scratch on her belly, and her leg was twisted at an odd angle. Seeing her injured like that made me angry. It was this fox that had injured my friend. With renewed energy, I gave Foxy a blow to the head, and it was over.
Cookie stared at me like I was the Queen of Heavens, come down to Earth. I stared at Foxy like he was a crazed devil, come straight from the Underworld. “Wow! That was awesome!” Cookie broke the awkward silence. Then she finally seemed to notice her wounds and winced. I raced forward and studied her leg. “It looks like you broke your leg.” I mewed. “I’ll go fetch some comfrey to heal the bone, and cobwebs to stop the bleeding on your belly.” I headed deep into the forest, where I had previously seen some cobwebs. I wrapped them around my paw, and sniffed the air for the scent of comfrey.
I returned to Cookie, applied the cobwebs to her scratch and made her chew the comfrey. “It’ll help you feel better.” I mewed. “Storm, how did you know what plants would help me?” Cookie asked. “My mother taught me.” I replied. “Cool! Can you teach me?” Cookie begged. “Someday,” I promised.
Now, it is spring. The ground is grassy, and flowers are blooming everywhere. Cookie and I are grooming each other’s fur, and I am teaching her about the different kinds of herbs in the forest. “Cobwebs help stop the bleeding, remember? And dock is used to soothe scratches.”


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Good writing. Good story.

Jan 16, 2015 1:21pm


Cobwebs stop bleeding? Fantasy, reality, or just seems they will do that?

Jan 16, 2015 1:21pm

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