The Imaginary Boyfriend Chronicles

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Introduction This is the story of Brittany and her imaginary boyfriend. These accounts are legitimate, and taken directly from her dreams. P.S., I am Brittany.

Chapter 1 - Prelogue.

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I think that you could use a little background inofrmation. This story isn't like all of the others. This is as close, and possibly as far from reality that you could possibly get in a story Especially since this is not simply a story, this is a retelling of actual events that have occured. They have occured in my dreams, nevertheless, they did occur.

I was fifteen when I first met Ramona and Nicholas. I remember that moment at the fullest degree. The day was a blur, but the moment those two climbed through the window waas when my life suddenly seemed to make sense. That was the moment when I knew that these people would be so completely legitimate. Lifelong friends, is the term, though I didn't know it at the time.

Life was in a sort of turmoil back then. I had just completely altered my lifestyle. My family moved to an abstract flat in the middle of a busy little strip mall where all the hipsters would hang out. It was different there, cnsidering we had come from living on acreages and hiding from brutal society.

I was still homeschooled, but oddly I wasn't really being puppy gaurded by my parents like I used to be. All of my best friends weren't in the picture anymore. I had given up on singing, performing, acting, and dancing. I mostly isolated myself in my tiny room, looking out onto the animated street.

Marie, was the only person I really ever connected with. She could see that I had changed for the worse. I had so much freedom, and I ignored it. It seems to me now that I was rather depressed and emotionally exhausted. I do not remember ever eating with my family, or seeing them. That was definitely a bit worrisome because I do have five siblings. The only person I ever remember seeing that year was my dad.

I think Marie was trying to rehaabilitate me, back to whatever fun lving, brillliant person I was it seems so long ago. She would spend her days witth me, sacrificing precious study, family, and personal time.

When Marie would get me out on the town, I would rebel some. I pierced my ears for a second time, bought strapless tops, and hung out with strangers. That was the joy I had at fifteen. Until Marie and I got bored on that one day.

To be continued.

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