The Imaginary Boyfriend Chronicles

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Introduction This is the story of Brittany and her imaginary boyfriend. These accounts are legitimate, and taken directly from her dreams. P.S., I am Brittany.

Chapter 2 - Ramona & Nicholas

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Marie sat with me in my brightly colored room that completeely mismatched my internalizations. "Remember when we used to create bucket lists?" Marie contemplated, "Well there's still this one thing I haven't been able to do yet." "Oh yeah..." I laughed. That was rare. "What then?" "Nicola, right now, we have to get on the roof and pick two people to watch. Then we have to become good friends with them." She pushed my desk away from the window, opened it and climbed onto the roof in front of it. I lingered behind the window and looked over her shoulder. Eventually I became intigued with the girl sitting on the bench with a book. Sh was just sitting there reading in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Lively Moonlight Boulevard. I climbed out beside Marie and whispered, "Her. I've chosen mine." Marie smiled, she couldn't just sit there and watch any longer. Before I knew it she was yelling at the guy right under the roof. She told him to bring the girl I'd chosen and climb to the roof. We're lucky they were naiive enough to listen. Holding hands and giggling, the pair climbed trhough the window. Marie did most of the talking, I sat on my bed and just took it all in. They were definitely older than I was, they looked oldeer than Marie who was seventeen. The guy looked painstakingly familiar. As the hours passed, we learnt their names. Nicholas, was the boy. Ramona, the girl that captivated me was 19. She liked to disappear on the Boulevard almost daily, forming silent relationships and attachments to all of the regular escapists. As the day drew on, Nicholas and Ramona confessed their mutual infatuation with each other, having never spoken, but watched and studied the other day after day. Nicholas was 18, incredibly intelligent, and was the bassist for the band that brought the Boulevard to a silent whir every Tuesday night. I didn't know the name of the band, but I used to sit on the roof and watch them as they touched each one of their audience's hearts with their brutally honest lyrics and mellow yet still just a tiny bit hardcore sound. As soon as Nick revealed he was in the band, I knew that I had recognizzed him. He was one of those guys that just grabs your eyes, though not looking at you. He's what I call a mesmerizer. That label speaks for itself. The greatest moment is when someone you were instanly attracted to from afar walks into your personal life by happenstance. Ramona and Marie hit it off, I listened intently as Nicholas as well as Maried strived to make Ramona laugh. Ramona wasn't stunningly beautiful, but she was the real deal and we could tell Marrie left. It got the tiniest bit more awkward for me, the girl who hadn't said a word the whole time. Ramona engaged me, she was so genuine. So I opened up and just became myself. I talked, laughed, and gave them the landline number. Ramona left, Nick looked slightly out of place. I tried to make him more comfortable, though I knew he wanted to leave and scream and write a song about Mona. I couldn't stop him from leaving, so in the heat of the moment, to ensure that I would actually talk to him again and continue to buuild the bucket list friendship, I said: "You know that I havve a huge fangirl crush on you, okay?" He laughed uncomfortably and started to speak, though I interrupted. "Don't worry, you like Ramona! I was just letting you know, you are kind of likeable and you should be aware." He chuckled a bit again, and went to leave out of the window. He turned around to wave, but I pulled him in for a long hug before he pulled away. I felt the biggest shiver I had ever felt. Like the most incredible form of butterflies. He told me not to get any weird ideas. He made his way. To be continued.

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