These Undying Sins.(GxG)

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Introduction (Lesbian love story. Don't like it, Don't read it!!!) Mariah Bryers is very... similar to most people. She's a popular, highly-christian, preppy schoolgirl with an un-dying love for Jesus. Helena Cobblestone is very... different. She's a loner, athiest goth girl with an un-dying love for music and art, and a secret. What happens when both of their worlds collide? Read on to find out, my loves.<3

Chapter 1 - Chapter 1. *Helena's POV*

We rode up the long, winding driveway in the middle the foggy woods. I was blasting My Chemical Romance in my ears, singing along under my breath to the lyrics of "Thank You For The Venom". Suddenly, the car spun around and around, as my dad lost control of the wheel. The car soon crashed into a tree as we all screamed, blood getting all over the seats and myself. I got out of the car as fast as I could, opening my mothers door, the passenger seat. There she sat, blood all over her, and skin torn up. I began to cry, putting my hand over her heart, to feel nothing. No beats, nothing. I fell to my knees, grabbing her blood-covered hand, as my dad came to stand next to me, resting his hand on my shoulder. Tears ran down his and my cheeks as we stood up, leaving my mothers body in the car for someone to pass by and call the cops for us. I looked up at my dad, blinking to clear my blurry vision, and realized that he wasn't crying at all. Instead he looked as if he was trying to hide a smirk. I caught my breath in my throat, and looked down, the tears dripping down onto the ground. We walked the rest of the way to our house- no, mansion- in sorrowful silence.


I woke up in the morning, tears stained on my cheeks and soaked into my pillow, memories of last night flooding back to me. I got up, sighing, remembering that I had to go to school. I got up, putting on my black skinny jeans, black cadet boots, black My Chemical Romance shirt, black eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss, and putting in my black earphones that were plugged into my ipod. I blasted MCR again, seeing as they saved my fucking life, and walked out of the door. I walked my way to the school, a map in my hands, showing me where to go. I arrived at a school called Bloodwood High. 'Hmm...Cool name' I thought as I walked up to the front doors where students wandered in and out I walked in, looking around, trying to find the secratary's office. I began to walk forward, not watching where I was walking, and soon, I bumped into someone, and fell to the ground. "Oh! I'm sorry!" I heard a girl say. I looked up, seeing the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. "Oh, um, it... it's ...o-okay." I studdered back, as she extended her hand. I grabbed, feeling sparks, and pulled myself up. "I-I'm Helena" I said and smiled at her. She smiled back. "I'm Mariah." She said, and pulled her hand away. I blushed, I forgot to let go. I looked down, and began to walk away. "Hey, wait!" I heard Mariah yell. I turned towards her again, seeing her running towards me. "Are you new here?" she asked, slightly out of breath. I nodded shyly, turning away. She grabbed my hand and I wondered if she felt the sparks too. "Waaait!" She said holding the a. She let go of my hand and turned me around. "Do you maybe... wanna, um... sit with me and some of my friends at lunch?" She asked, her face turning red. Did she like me too? I nodded, forgetting that she couldn't see me. "Y-Yeah, sure." I smiled. And soon the bell rang. We parted our ways and I smiled. I had made a friend. Let's see if it'll turn into more.


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Why does like EVERY story on bzoink have like onlii 1 chapter, I mean it's a story! Should have more chapters! I've wrote about 18 chapters so far. My aim is like 100+.

Aug 14, 2013 8:10pm


what about the mom and the dad's smirk... i think this story kinda jumped from one major thing to the next, left me very confused.

Feb 3, 2013 8:23pm

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