Prom in Prison

Created by neonee and read 500 times.

Chapter 1 - Freddy Parch

Freddy Parch had life in prison for child abuse, rape, and murder. Everybody in this prison was in for life.
"Hey, Jackson," Freddy said to his cell-mate," Did you hear about Barbie's new cell-mate, she's supposed to be hot. At least that's what Nate said."
"Yeah, I heard that, too." Jackson's scratchy, rough voice had a tint of dreaminess in it.
"But like a beauty like her would like you!" Freddy smirked.
"Watch it, pretty boy!" Jackson growled.
"Don't fight, guys. You're both out of my league!"
Freddy and Jackson both looked at the woman. Her strawberry blonde hair was in a pony-tail, and her chocolate brown eyes made her jumpsuit look like Halloween. She kept walking.
"Get into your cell, Annabelle!" A cop barked. He pushed her.
"Hey! Treat the girl with respect!" Freddy yelled out.
"Yeah! She's a girl!" Jackson shouted.
"You have no right to push a girl!" Dave two cells down screamed.
"Well, scum like her don't deserve respect!" The cop retorted.
Then they left to her cell.
"Annabelle..." Jackson sighed. His tone didn't match his buff body.
Now, Freddy was never one for love. But this Annabelle was beautiful! I WILL CONTINUE THIS STORY WHEN ALOT OF PEOPLE READ IT AND ENJOY IT :)


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Woah, you're 11 and you write this kinda story, It's cool. Plz write some more, :) & plz read mine too. its called "Arranged marriage." :)

Aug 13, 2013 1:19pm

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